Custom Window Coverings, Shades, and Shutters in Panama City Beach, FL

Custom Window Coverings, Shades, and Shutters in Panama City Beach, FL

polysatin shutters palm beach in bright white 300x109McNeill Palm is Emerald Coast's only Hunter Douglas Centurion Gallery Showroom with over 45 years of experience in interior design for residential and commercial clients. We are a premier provider of custom window draperies, shades and shutters for finer homes. Our window fashion experts are always here to assist you from the initial window design process to installation. Don't hesitate to call (850) 613-6228 today to schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation.

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When choosing quality window treatments in Panama City Beach, FL for your home, it’s important to consider all aspects of the creative process. Here at McNeill Palm, we like to start with a bit of research. We’ll ask some questions about your desired outcome for the project, your purpose and intention for the room, and what it is you would like to accomplish with our help. Whether this is a newly built home in need of window treatments in Panama City Beach, FL, or a refresh of your existing home, we are delighted to help.

Our highly qualified designers and technicians will work with you from inception to completion and beyond. Along the way, we’ll provide informative guidance on matters of design, style, and function. Our customers are selective and require the best in class. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

McNeill Palm is the sole provider of Hunter Douglas’ window treatments in Panama City Beach, FL. For that matter, we’re the only Centurion Dealer for the Hunter Douglas product line for the whole of the emerald coast. These high-end products are built for the discerning customer that requires a level of performance unequaled in the industry. All of our window treatment products include options for motorization and automation. We offer a wide selection of exclusive products and services, including:

1. Hunter Douglas Window Coverings

2. Custom Window Draperies, Shades, Shutters

3. Motorized Draperies, Shades, Shutters, and Awnings

4. Motorized Hurricane Screens, Motorized Hurricane Shades, Motorized Hurricane Shutters

5. Hunter Douglas Repairs

All of our products are custom installed using industry best practices. Every member of our installation team are artists in their own right, blending technical know-how with talent and artistic finesse. Every product is methodically installed with quality, durability, and beauty in mind. Our results speak for themselves.

Can I install my own window coverings or should I hire an expert to install it?

Many window coverings can be assembled by anyone, even those with no prior experience with the right materials. And then, warranties can be voided if not built by a qualified professional. That is why, particularly for larger and more complicated window coverings, we suggest hiring a skilled installer. You can count on our team to make your installation simple and stress-free.

Our Process

Every customer project is unique and requires us to bring the full measure of our expertise and creativity. As our customer, you can expect extraordinary service as we work together to create the perfect solution for your home or office space.

The process begins with a consultation at no cost to you. Our professional designer will work with you in an effort to discover your wants and needs for the project, as well as to uncover the possibilities for the space you wish to improve. This initial consultation can be done on location or at our showroom in Shalimar, FL. In either case, you will be able to see and experience every product sample by touch. The look and feel of our products are important in our consultations.

We will also explore the intended purpose for your new window treatments. Whether you want to improve daytime or nighttime privacy, light control, energy efficiency, motorization, sound dampening, child safety concerns, or any other priorities, we can direct you to those products that will best meet your needs.

Window Treatments Panama City Florida

Once we understand your purpose for the space, we can begin guiding you to create the desired visual aesthetics for the room. Our expert designers will help you to seamlessly integrate all products into the overall theme of the room without detracting from the architecture or existing interior design. Beauty and visual appeal are the order of the day at this stage of the process.

Next, we dive into the details of the window treatments. Every project requires one-of-a-kind customizations that are uniquely yours. These may be visual or tactile in nature, such as custom pattern designs or engraved hardware. They can also be more functional in nature, such as automated shutter adjustments preset to match your preferred use schedule.

After fabrication to your exact specifications and preferences, the last part of our process is the installation. The artistry and workmanship of our install technicians are second to none. When the time comes to put it all together in your home, only a master of the craft will do. All of the designing, planning, measuring, fabricating, and innumerable other decisions lead up to this moment. Like a maestro calling the orchestra to order, the symphony unfolds, and a work of art comes to life.

Window Treatments Panama City Florida

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For more than 45 years, McNeill Palm has been providing interior design service, specializing in the luxury home market. Our years of expertise have taught us the intricacies of the business, and the optimal use and application of window shades and shutters in Panama City Beach, FL. When you are ready, our professionals are here to help you create a functional yet beautiful window treatment. McNeill Palm offers a convenient showroom at 655 Grand Boulevard Suite D106 Miramar Beach, FL 32550. Contact our team at (850) 613-6228 to schedule a convenient time to consult with a professional designer. Get started today.

Window Coverings FAQs

What Are The Types of Interior & Exterior Window Shutters?

When you’re choosing louvered interior or exterior window shutters, you have options for what size you want the louvers to be. The typical louver sizes are between 1 ¼ inches and 4 ½ inches, but you can also have custom-sized louvers manufactured for your window shutters. Know more about the types of interior and exterior window shutters in this guide.

Are Window Shutters Energy Efficient?

Window shutters are especially good at providing that extra layer of insulation for windows. They work well because they enclose the frames of windows, effectively creating a seal on the windows. Additionally, the way that window shutters are constructed makes them able to resist heat transfer very well. Find out what makes window shutters energy efficient on this guide.

How Do I Choose The Best Window Shutters for My Panama City Beach Home?

The benefits of window shutters in Panama City Beach, FL are that they add functionality to your home and they increase your home's curb appeal. Functional window shutters increase the privacy of your home, add an additional layer of protection from wind and storm damage, and provide light control. If you’d like learn more about choosing window shutters, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm.

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McNiell Palm is proud to offer the best  window treatments in Panama City Beach, FL.  If you call Panama City Beach your home, you can rely on us to revamp your boring window into an elegant yet simple new window.

Our window treatments in Panama City Beach, FL comes with free consultation and advice from our windows experts to perfect the match of your new window blinds for your loving home. We also install window blinds in Panama City Beach. If you have inquiries you can call us today at: (850) 613-6228 or you can visit our showroom at 655 Grand Boulevard Suite D106 Miramar Beach, FL 32550.

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