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Window blinds

Why You Should Choose Window Blinds

Window blinds in Destin, FL can be the solution to your window treatment decision-making process. With so many different types of window coverings available, choosing the one that will work best in every room of your home may make climbing Mount Everest in the middle of winter in a blinding snow storm seem like a piece of cake in comparison.

However, there is a window treatment choice that will work well for every window in every room in your home. That choice is window blinds, for many reasons you may not know about.

One reason why you should choose window blinds for your home is because of the wide variety of options available with them. There are many different styles of window blinds.

Window blinds can be manufactured in many types of materials, include wood, vinyl, faux wood, and composite materials. Although wood window blinds have that classic stylish look that adds class to any window and throughout your home, they are not a good choice in areas of the country where high humidity is part of the normal climate.

This is where faux wood window blinds save the day for you. Faux wood window blinds look like wood window blinds, but they will not be damaged by the moisture in high-humidity climates the way that natural wood window blinds can be. So you get the classic and stylish wood look on every window in your home without the worry that wood window blinds can create when they are installed in homes where humidity is high most of the year.

Window blinds are also available in a lot of different colors. This option lets you use window blinds as a complementary element in a room or to provide a contrasting element. For example, if you have light blue walls, carpet, and furniture, you could choose burgundy window blinds to offer a nice contrast, or if you want a complementary color, you could choose dark blue window blinds to create a uniform and complementary theme throughout the room.

You also have the option to get window blinds that are cordless. Corded window blinds, which you may be more familiar with, have a cord that raises and lowers the window blinds. While these may be fine in a home where just adults live and just adults visit, if you have small children and pets, they can make your home less safe for them.

Little children and pets like to play with the cords that hang down from corded window blinds. Unfortunately, they can get entangled in the hanging cords and can suffer injuries that may be minor or may be life-threatening.

Cordless window blinds have no cords for little ones and pets to get tangled up in. They are raised and lowered using the bottom rail of the window blinds, so they have nothing that poses danger to anyone in your home.

Another great option that window blinds have is motorization. This means that you can open and close the window blinds using a remote control. This makes it easier to control privacy and light anytime of the day or night from anywhere in the room.

A final option you can get with window blinds is integration with smart technology, using either a smart hub installed in your home or using a simple app on your smart phone. This gives you absolute control over your home’s window blinds, making it easy, if you’re away from home working or on vacation, to give the impression that someone is home throughout the day and at night.

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