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Why You Need Window Coverings

When you’re thinking about a window covering in Destin, FL for each of the windows in your home, you may know that you need something on the windows, but you may not really think about why you need window coverings.

Window coverings serve both practical and decorative functions in your home. You need window coverings to cover all the windows in your home for several reasons that you may have never thought about.

One practical reason why you need window coverings in your home is that window coverings give you privacy. We all know that the doors inside our homes provide the option for privacy within our homes. But you also need privacy options from the outside of your home.

All window coverings give you some control over how much privacy they provide. You may have them open or raised during the daytime to allow natural light in and to bathe your home in the sunshine’s warmth.

However, if you’re not home during the day or you and your family are home at night, you might want to protect your family and the interior of your home from prying eyes outside on the sidewalks and streets around your home.

Window coverings can be lowered or closed when you want privacy from things and people outside your home, and they can help your family feel more comfortable and secure.

Speaking of security, window coverings can play a role in your home’s overall security. Most people have valuable things inside their homes that they use or they enhance their décor with. When windows are bare, these cherished items are on full display for anyone who looks through your windows to see. They can seem like an open invitation to thieves to break into your home and take them.

Having window coverings, however, lets you shield these items from would-be burglars and protects them and the rest of your family from potential intrusions and loss of irreplaceable things that matter to you and your family.

If you’ve recently had window replacements installed in your home, you will need new window coverings. Since the lifespan of windows is 15 to 20 years, it’s likely that your window coverings are the original ones that you had installed when you first moved into your home – whether it was a home you had built or it was a home that you bought from someone else.

Time passes quickly and you may not realize that your window coverings are as old as the number of years you’ve been in your home. Window coverings have improved dramatically in the last 15-20 years and you need to get the value of these advances to work in conjunction with your new replacement windows.

Window covering choices offer significant improvements in energy efficiency. New window replacements are more energy efficient because windows are manufactured to help reduce the loss – estimated at between 25 and 40 percent – of energy that escapes from homes on an annual basis.

This keeps your home more consistently comfortable without requiring the extra power that older windows require because of air leaks and gaps. Adding new window coverings will enhance this energy efficiency and can result in even more energy savings throughout the year.

New window coverings can also be motorized and integrated with smart technology to give you absolute control over when they are open and closed, whether you’re home or not.

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