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What to Expect When You’re Shopping for Window Shades

When you’re looking at having new window shades installed in Panama City Beach, FL, you will do a lot of shopping at different stores who may carry a limited assortment of window shades. Many of these stores not only don’t have much variety, but they also don’t have a lot of knowledge about window shades, they don’t offer custom options and they don’t do installations.

This can be frustrating when you are making an investment in your home that will both increase your home’s curb appeal and will transform the décor inside of your home. You want knowledgeable guidance to help you meet these goals and you want expert installation and service to ensure that everything is done right and looks gorgeous when it’s completed.

So, what should you expect from the window treatments company you decide to purchase your window shades from?

The first thing that you should get is excellent service. This begins the moment you call or walk in the door. A reputable window coverings company with treat everyone as a valued customer, whether they’ve purchased anything or not.

Reputable window treatments companies offer a one-on-one consultation with you about the window shades you want to have installed in your home. They are knowledgeable about the different types and styles of window shades available.

They can make recommendations based on your expectations. They know all the color and pattern options that each type of window shade has, and they can explain all the features and options available.

Please note that with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are open and we are now offering virtual one-on-one consultations instead of in-home one-on-one consultations and we have implemented the recommended precautions and additional safeguards into our installation process, because we want to ensure the safety of your family and the safety of our employees.

The next thing you should expect from a reputable window coverings company is expert installation of your window shades. This process will start with accurately measuring all your windows to make sure that the window shades will fit perfectly when they’re installed.

Next, the order for your window shades will be made and you and the window treatments company will set up an installation date that works well with your schedule.

Even though at the current time, the one-on-one consultations are virtual, you can still expect the full service that customers get in the showroom. You will be able to see every type of window shade that is available and we will provide swatches and materials for you to touch and examine to make sure that when you order your window shades, you have complete confidence in your selections.

window shades

A reputable window treatments company will also provide excellent post-sales service. If there are any problems with the installation of your window shades, the company will repair or replace them in accordance with their warranties and sales agreements. You will not have to chase them down to have this service done, nor will you to haggle with them over warranty and sales agreement terms.

A reputable window coverings company will value you, not only as a customer, but also as a resource for other people who may be looking for window shades installation or other types of window treatments installation. The company will take care of you every step of the way because they care about you and your home.

If you’d like to learn more about window shades in Panama City Beach, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm.

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