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Use Window Coverings to Make Over Your Living Room

Choosing the perfect window covering in Alys Beach, FL for your living room will be one of the elements that can give you a living room makeover that will impress your family and your guests. There are some ways that you can use window coverings to make a dramatic statement in your new living room décor.

One way you can use window coverings to make a statement in your living room is to choose a window covering that has a bold color. Many living rooms have window coverings in neutral colors like light tan, ivory, or white. Choosing a bold colored window covering will make your living room pop with energy.

Great color choices for living room window coverings include bright blue, bright green, and bright red. You can add to the bold color scheme of your living room by adding matching carpet, rugs, and furniture.

However, you do want to be sure to avoid having a monochromatic color scheme, so be sure to add some elements – such as chairs and couches, for example – that have the bold color in them, but also have some lighter colors to offer a contrast for the eyes and don’t overwhelm them with a single color.

If you already have drapes or curtains in your living room, they are likely the ones you installed when you first bought your home. Now is a good time to replace them. You can either replace them with new drapes or curtains, or you can choose a completely different window covering altogether.

Curtains and drapes come in all sorts of styles. You may want patterned curtains instead of solid colored curtains. You may want room darkening drapes if you use your living room to watch TV or to use digital devices.

You might choose to have insulated drapes if you want to increase the energy efficiency of your windows. Your choices are virtually unlimited, so take advantage of your living room makeover to get exactly what you want.

When you’re doing a living room makeover, the flooring you have will be one of the elements that you want to include. If your living room is carpeted and you want to keep carpet in it, then you’ll want to choose a carpet texture and color that fits into the overall décor of your makeover.

If you want to replace the carpet with a different type of flooring, be sure to get rugs to add accents to your living room and to help protect the flooring. You can choose rugs in colors and patterns that add interesting contrast to other colors and patterns in your living room, or you can choose rugs that complement the other colors and patterns in the room.

If you have curtains or drapes in your living room, you may want to use a different type of window covering instead. You have many options to choose from, including window shades, window shutters, and window blinds.

There are many styles available in each one of these types of window coverings, so choose the one that works best with the decorating scheme you are using for your living room makeover.

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Doing a living room makeover can be an easy and highly rewarding home improvement project that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. What are you waiting for?

If you’d like learn more about a living room window covering in Alys Beach, FL, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm.

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