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Types of Window Coverings

When considering a type of window covering in Santa Rosa Beach, FL for every window in your home, there are several factors that you need to take into account. Because window coverings have many purposes for a home, four of the most important things to consider are light, ventilation, insulation, and décor.

The amount of light that you want to come in to each room will determine, in part, what kind of window covering you choose. Some window coverings are made to not allow any light in for functional reasons such as preventing glare or making a room more comfortable to sleep in. Other window coverings allow you to adjust the amount of light coming in at any given time in the day. Finally, there are window coverings that always allow the maximum amount of light to come in.

Ventilation is also a factor that will help you determine what type of window covering you want in each room. Some window coverings provide more ventilation than others. If a room doesn’t need ventilation then you can choose from almost any type of window covering. However, if a room does need ventilation, you have several types of window coverings that can provide various degrees of ventilation.

Different types of window coverings provide different levels of insulation for your home. Some window coverings are specifically designed to be insulating, while other window coverings provide no insulation.

The final aspect that will determine what type of window covering you choose for each room will be how it fits in with the décor that already exist in the room or that you want to change in the room.

Window shutters are one type of window covering that can provide light control, ventilation, insulation, and works well in most decorating schemes. Window shutters can also add value to your home. Window shutters come in many materials, many of which are designed to be durable in rooms where humidity is a factor, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Since Florida weather along the beaches tends to have high humidity most of the year, these type of window shutters would probably work best.

Roman window shades are nice, contemporary option for window coverings. They offer simple operation and a wide variety of fabric types and designs. They can be adjusted up or down, giving some light control, and they can be lifted to allow natural air flow to come in through windows.

Cellular window shades offer a light control, excellent insulation, and work well with any decorating style. Cellular window shades have a honeycomb texture that traps air coming in through the window, so that rooms can stay consistently at a comfortable temperature. Cellular window shades also can offer varying levels of light control, all the way from room darkening to allowing abundant natural light to come in.

Window blinds work well around the year. They offer light control, ventilation control, and look good regardless of the décor of the room they are in. Although you may be familiar with window blinds made of plastic, there are many upscale versions of window blinds, including wood and faux wood, which can give any room a touch of class. Window blinds should be cordless if you have small children or pets.

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