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The Best Time of Year to Buy Window Shades

Having window shades in Santa Rosa Beach, FL installed in your home is high on your list of projects you want to get done. In fact, this item has been near the top of your list for quite a while, but you still have not done it.

Why? It is likely because you are waiting for the right time of year to have window shades installed, but you are not exactly sure when that time is.

In all reality, there is no one best time of the year to have new window shades installed in your home. Many people like to coordinate projects like this with times of the year when they do heavy cleaning – and cleaning out – of their homes or when they are doing a home remodeling or home renovation project.

But if buying window shades during deep home cleaning or home renovation projects is not a must for you, then there are some guidelines you can use to determine what the best time of year is to have your new window shades installed.

One time of the year to consider buying and having new window shades installed is just before summertime. One reason why you may be considering new window shades is that your old window treatments are not as effective as they used to be at helping keep the interior of your home cooler during the summer months.

Therefore, before the real heat of summer is upon you is a very good time to have new energy efficient window shades installed in your home. Not only will your home be more comfortable during the hottest time of the year, but you will also reap the benefit of spending less on energy to keep your house cool.

Another good time of the year to think about buying and having new windows installed is a couple of months before the fall and winter holiday season begins. Traditionally, in the United States, families travel from far and wide to visit with one another and to spend the holiday seasons with each other.

Since you are more likely to be having extra guests spend time in your home during the fall and winter holiday season, you’ll want your home to be warm, cozy, and inviting. You can easily transform your home with fresh paint, professional floor cleaning, and new window shades to achieve the perfect look for your guests to feel right at home.

Another good time to consider buying and having new window shades installed is during the heart of winter. Your old window treatments may make your home seem darker and more gloomy during these days when the sun makes its briefest appearances during the year.

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Having new window shades installed during the period from January through March can rejuvenate the inside of your home and make it feel more much brighter and cheerier, because you can add vivacious colors and you can capitalize on getting the most out of the natural sunlight available during these months when days are short and nights are long.

Another reason why the heart of winter is a good time to have new window shades installed is that you will probably be able to have it done more quickly than at other times during the year. Most people don’t think much about sprucing up their homes during the winter months, so service for installation of window shades is likely to be much faster than during the spring or summer.

If you’d like to learn more about window shades in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm.

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