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The Benefits of Blackout Window Shades

Blackout window shades in Santa Rosa Beach, FL can be a very beneficial change to your home. Once you have blackout window shades installed, you may wonder why you never thought of using them on your windows before.

Blackout window shades serve a variety of purposes – and provide a variety of benefits – in your home. The beauty of blackout window shades is that having them installed doesn’t mean you can’t have natural light from the sun pouring inside your home when you want it to, but you can effectively block all outside light when you need to.

One benefit of blackout window shades is that you and your family will sleep better – whether you or someone else works at night and sleeps during the day, you have little ones that take naps in the afternoon, or you all sleep at night.

While you know that a lot of natural light comes into your house during the day, you may not be aware of how much artificial light can seep into your home at night. The night lights may be streetlights, outside house lights, or headlights, but those lights can interrupt your sleep without you or your family knowing it.

For the best sleep possible, day or night, have blackout window shades installed in bedrooms or other places in the house where people frequently nap or sleep. With light blocked out, you can sleep without disruption.

There has been quite a lot of research into health issues that can arise from lack of sleep and from poor sleep. Among these are sleep deprivation – which can affect your brain the same way alcohol and drugs do and make your judgement impaired or make you fall asleep when you should be awake – and diminished brain health.

Toxins accumulate in our body naturally throughout the day. The liver effectively removes these (which is why the liver is such a critical organ in the body), but toxins that accumulate in the brain are only swept away for the liver to remove during restful sleep (deep sleep is best, but cleaning can also happen during R.E.M. sleep).

If your sleep is constantly disrupted by external light, then you are not getting enough deep sleep for these neurological toxins to be completely removed. Toxins build up over time in the brain and can lead to the development of dementia as you age.

Sleep deprivation is just as serious. In our 24/7 society, sleep deprivation from too little sleep or interrupted is an emerging collective health issue. The most sleep-deprived Americans are those who work at night. The effects of sleep deprivation are responsible for many late night and early morning car accidents, many of which result in severe injuries or fatalities.

Our bodies aren’t naturally wired to work at night and sleep during the day. Our circadian rhythms work on a 24-hour clock where we are most tired when it begins to get dark outside (melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep, production begins in the early evening) and we are most alert at day’s first light.

When you work at night and sleep during the day, that rhythm continues but your life is counteracting it. Trying to sleep during the day can be difficult under the best conditions, but when light is streaming into your bedroom, it is virtually impossible.

Blackout window shades can give you and your family an excellent way to fight sleep deprivation and poor sleep. Not only may this save your life, your overall health will benefit as will your productivity.

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