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How to Maintain Motorized Shutters in the Summer

motorized shutters

The summer is a great time to work on projects, especially those around the house. Since you need your motorized shutters and windows to work well year-round, that means doing some summer maintenance. But how do you maintain motorized shutters?

Get started this summer with these maintenance tips:

  1. Clear Away Debris – Dirt, debris, and other nastiness builds up on the windowsills of your windows throughout the year. And, when there’s debris in the sill, your window might not shut as tightly as it needs to, or even at all. In addition to creating a tighter seal, removing all the excess debris will make your windows look nicer. Clear away the debris from your windows with a broom, cloth, or duster, and then wipe the sills clean.
  2. Get New Motorized Shutters – The best way to maintain your shutters over the summer? Get rid of your old ones and invest in new ones! Motorized shutters are much more energy efficient and convenient than older models, so in addition to helping make sure your home is comfortable, they will also help save you money in the long run. If you don’t have the budget to replace all your shutters this summer, try replacing just the oldest ones. Though it’s preferable to replace all your shutters at once, getting rid of the oldest ones will still have some benefits for your home and bank account.
  3. Replace Weather Stripping – Weather stripping helps keep the outside elements where they belong: outside. In turn, this helps make sure your home stays at a comfortable temperature without forcing your HVAC system to work too hard. But, since weather stripping is exposed to the elements, it does get damaged or worn out over time. Tear out the old weather stripping on your windows and replace them with new ones.motorized shutters
  4. Watch for Water Damage – Water is one of Windows’ greatest enemies. That’s why it’s important to take time this summer to check the window seals all around your home for evidence of water damage, like mold, warping, cracking, or moisture. If you are proactive in checking your windows, you will be more likely to find any problems early on. If you find water damage, it’s time for replacement windows! If you find any leaks that haven’t caused damage yet, you may be able to caulk around the window to keep moisture out or potentially replace some of the framings around the window if that’s the issue.
  5. Wash the Glass – Dirty window glass makes your home look dirty and old. Take advantage of the glorious summer weather to wash your windows. All you need is a bucket of mild soapy water, a clean cloth, a squeegee, and a bit of elbow grease. Don’t want to wash them yourself? Hire someone! You won’t regret making the investment.

These are just a few tips for maintaining your shutters and windows over the summer. We are here to help if you want more information on window maintenance or motorized shutters. Call or visit us today!


Guest Room Tips

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The holidays might be over but that doesn’t mean that your home will be guest-free. In fact, many people love traveling and visiting friends and family in the spring and summer months. From clearing out space in the closet to installing new motorized shutters, you need to get your guest room ready.

It oftentimes feels like a chore to have to prep your home and your guest room before you have people come to stay with you. However, your guests will greatly appreciate having a clean, comfortable, and welcoming space in which they can relax when they come for a visit. That’s where these tips come in:

  1. Install Motorized Shutters – Most people like to sleep in complete darkness and also appreciate privacy. So, you need to make sure that your guest room has proper window treatments, like window shutters or shades. Motorized shutters and shades offer both light control and privacy, plus, they’re also very stylish and charming.
  2. Clear Out the Closet and Drawers – If your guests are going to stay for more than a couple of days, they will need some space for their stuff. No one wants to live out of a suitcase for longer than necessary. Make sure your guests feel welcome by clearing out the dresser and nightstand drawers as well as the closet.
  3. Make an Amenity Basket – People often forget to bring necessities. So, make it like a fancy hotel and prepare an amenity basket for your guests with handy items like disposable toothbrushes, over-the-counter medication, and other common toiletries.
  4. Choose Quality Bedding – You can’t have a comfortable bed without comfortable bedding! Plus, nothing makes a room more welcoming or relaxing than a bed with soft, clean linens, fluffy pillows, and warm comforters. Take inspiration from fancy hotels and furnish your guest room bed with luxurious white cotton sheets and a matching white duvet. White might seem like a bad idea since it stains, but white sheets and white duvet covers are easy to bleach in case of spills. Don’t forget the fluffy pillows!motorized shutter
  5. Fresh Flowers – Fresh flowers add color and a lovely fragrance to any room. Plus, adding a vase of fresh flowers shows your guests how much you care as it’s a very thoughtful gesture. You can easily pick up a premade bouquet at your local grocery store or you can build your own with fresh stems.
  6. Invest in a Good Bed – No one wants to sleep on an old, creaky, uncomfortable bed! Make sure your guests get a good night’s sleep by investing in a good bed for your guest room. You don’t have to break the bank by buying a fancy mattress but do purchase a quality mattress with plenty of support and a strong, sturdy bedframe that won’t squeak. Since it’s hard to predict who will want a firm bed and who will want a soft bed, choose a mattress that’s somewhere in the middle.

Want more tips on how to make your guest room or your home the best it can be with motorized shutters? We are here to help. Call or visit us today.

Bedroom Décor Tips

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Are you looking to revamp your bedroom this year? You might need a little inspiration as to what kinds of decorative items you choose. This list is here to help! From playing with texture and pattern to adding new motorized shutters, here are top bedroom décor tips for 2021:

  1. Natural Light – Our bodies follow the rhythm of the sun, so we need natural light where we sleep. Make sure your bedroom is getting the light it needs by investing in new windows and proper window treatments like motorized shutters that let you open and close the louvres from the comfort of your bed.
  2. Earth Tones – What’s more relaxing than a soothing sage green, balmy beige, or warm sand? Make your bedroom a true oasis by filling it with calming earth tones. You can always add pops of color and interest with throw pillows, blankets, art, or accent furniture, but try and keep the big items neutral.
  3. Form and Function – Bedrooms need to be both stylish and functional, so look for pieces that are all about making your life easier. Smart home pieces like remote-controlled window treatments or voice-activated lights are always a good choice, while multi-tasking pieces such as storage beds are sure to be a hit.
  4. Play with Pattern – Painted murals, wallpaper and large canvases are big right now, even in bedrooms. Instead of choosing a bold color for an accent wall, choose a bold print. Temporary wallpapers are great for achieving this look without as much commitment.
  5. Natural Materials – Natural materials like rattan and wicker were big in the 90s, and they are back! Not only do these materials offer up different textures, but they also lend a casual yet refined air to a space. Look for wicker baskets or light fixtures or choose rattan furniture like chairs or ottomans.
  6. Cerused Wood – Cerused wood, or whitewashed wood, is all the rage this year. This wood is made by covering wood with a cream or a wax to highlight the wood grain details while making the color a uniform white or beige. There are tons of different Cerused wood shades to choose from, from dark grey to pure white.
  7. Bold, Thoughtful Lighting – You need your bedroom lighting to be just as beautiful as is it functional. Wall sconces are great for adding style and purposeful lighting for reading, and chandeliers over beds are always going to boost elegance.
  8. Texture is Key – Smooth velvets, soft suede, nubby boucle, and other textured fabrics are coming back with a vengeance in 2021. It’s all about creating a layered vibe with lots of varying textures in coordinated tones or colors. A great place to add texture is with bedding, since you can mix and match fabrics in pillows and comforters or duvets. Use at least two textures, but more than that will have an even bigger impact.

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It’s easy to make your bedroom the best it can be with these tips and our help. Do you want more décor ideas or information on motorized shutters? We are here to help. Call or visit us today to learn more.


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