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Truly amazing designs can be created to meet your exact requirements - however demanding, unusual or eccentric. We take pride in helping to make your StruXure system one of a kind. McNeill Palm offers high quality pergolas and outdoor structures for residential and commercial projects. Schedule a design consultation with us today to begin your new design and learn more about the perfect solution for you.

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The goal is to give you the strongest, most durable system on the market today. That’s why every StruXure system is constructed from fully-extruded aluminum and stainless steel components. The Smart Motor drive system that powers the designs is made by Somfy and UL and CE certified.

When it comes to finish, we believe a premium product deserves a premium powder coat. A premium architectural grade powder coat is used on all standard components. The process demands a more thorough pre-treat process to prep for better adhesion. This is critical when combating the effects of salt water, chlorine and other environmental conditions. StruXure delivers a higher quality standard finish because our customers demand — and deserve — the best.

Range of Motion

We designed our StruXure Pivot to create shade in any space, regardless of position of the sun. Our quiet linear drive system is smooth and efficient in moving the louvers from zero to 170° for manual operation and 140° for motorized. This range of motion provides complete control over both light and weather in your outdoor environment, so your plans can stay as flexible as our systems.

Colors to Complement Any Space

The StruXure system features six standard color options that can enhance almost any architecture. For unique instances where standard won’t do, we are able to provide thousands of custom colors for the perfect match. A chemical textured powder coat makes a more scratch-resistant surface, while giving it a matte finish that is extremely on-trend for outdoor design today.

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Eco-Friendly Design

Each StruXure system is manufactured in the U.S. and fabricated with recycled aluminum, making it an extremely green product. The louvers can be oriented in any direction desired for maximum control over sunlight. That means in the winter, you can let sun through to provide warmth and light to adjacent rooms. In the summer, you can angle your louvers to provide energy-saving shade. At any time of year, rain water can be reclaimed from closed louvers and used to water plants. In every season, there’s a reason to love StruXure’s eco-friendly design.

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