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Should You Add Motorized Shutters to Your French Doors?

French doors, hinged patio doors with large glass panels, are classic, stylish, and almost always a good choice for any home. French doors are most commonly used as openings onto balconies, yards, or decks, as they are great as they bring in tons of light into your home and open up a space. However, what do you do about privacy and light control for French doors? Adding shutters with motorization to your French doors might be the answer.

What can window shutters do for your French doors? Lots! Including these 4 benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency – French doors, like windows, are made of mostly glass. Therefore, they need a little extra help when it comes to insulation. Shutters reduce airflow and heat transfer on French doors, helping to control the temperature inside your home without putting extra pressure on your heating and cooling system. You can find shutters that come with included weatherstripping for even more insulation, or shutters made from engineered wood for increased airflow and heat transfer reduction. Even better, shutters with Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization can increase energy efficiency even more.
  • Stability – You don’t want your window treatment falling off of the French doors or banging around when the doors are opened or closed. Shutters are stable, and securely locked into place so you don’t have to worry about them falling or flying around like blinds or shades. Shutters are firmly mounted to the non-glass part of the French door, so they won’t rattle or sway then the door is used. You can even find shutters that are custom made for your doors for an even better fit.
  • Privacy and Light Control – While a French door’s expansive glass is beautiful it can also make it tough to keep a handle on your privacy and light control preferences. Shutters are a great solution for that. Shutters allow you to customize both light and privacy on your French doors, as their louvered design is easily opened or closed depending on your need or preference. If you want light coming in from the top, just open up the top shutter. If you want total privacy, you can shut the entire shutter. You can also tilt the louvers with Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization for privacy that still allows natural light to come in.
  • Durability – Your French doors probably see a lot of use, especially if they open onto your patio or backyard. You need window treatments that can stand up to this use, and shutters fit the bill. Shutters are usually made from tough materials like composites, woods, and synthetics, so they continue to look and function well after years of daily use.

These are just a few of the many reasons why adding motorized shutters, especially those with Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization, to your French doors can greatly benefit you and your home.


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