Hunter Douglas
Window shades

Room Moods

Window shades in Destin, FL are an integral element that works to create the moods of both your home and the rooms within your home. What are the elements that you use to create mood within your house and within individual spaces in your house and how do they work independently and together to create the effect that you desire?

We often think of moods in terms of people’s emotional states of mind. It’s not unusual for us to hear phrases like “they’re in a mood today!,” (which means the person is not in a good mood and everyone else should do their best to stay out of their way) or “I’m in a dreamy mood,” which means we’re either sleepy or happy or both.

But moods extend beyond people into our surroundings. And our surroundings can have a very dramatic effect on our emotional states, both positively and negatively. The window shades we choose for the windows in our homes play a distinct role in establishing the mood of our home and the mood of each room in our home.

Have you ever walked into a room and had the emotional reaction that it was cold and uninviting or that it was warm and welcoming? That’s the mood that everything in that room conveyed and the impact of that conveyance on us.

Color is the first component of a room’s mood. While bright white is a color that allows the most natural light to be absorbed by the room, it can also create an impression of being sterile. If window shades, carpet, and furniture are also all white or a silver metal color, the room can seem more like a primary care physician’s examination room or a hospital surgical room than a room where someone can kick off their shoes, sit, relax, and enjoy themselves.

On the other hand, if a room’s walls have a warm color (light tans, yellows, and greens), with complementary window shades, furniture with patterns or colors that enhance the wall and window shade colors, and warm-colored plush carpet (wood flooring can also create a cold mood in a room, especially if the room is very formal and or dark), then you will immediately feel welcome, comfortable, relaxed.

These are the extremes of room moods, and they can be exacerbated on either end of the spectrum by lighting (bulbs and lighting fixtures can exude coolness and warmth as well).

However, window shades can be a critical component in creating the mood of the room. For example, if you have a room that is small or dark (perhaps it has only one window), you can make the mood of the room more open and light by using window shades, such as solar window shades with a factor of 1% (an extremely loose weave), that allow the maximum amount of outside light into the room and that offer a clear and unobstructed view of the outside.

On the other hand, if you want a room, such as a great room, family room, or kitchen to be colorful and lively, then you can used window shades that have colorful prints or patterns on them and pair them with brightly-color walls and furniture that create a mood that is like a warm hug.

There are so many ways that window shades, which come in many styles, varieties, and colors, can be used to create the perfect mood for each room in your home and be used to create the overall mood for your home.

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