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Repurpose Window Blind Slats

Looking For The Best Repurpose Blind Slats Has Never Been This Easy

When considering buying repurpose blind slats in Destin, FL, don’t throw the old window blinds away after your new window blinds are installed. Instead, think about using them in these creative ways.

One way to use repurpose blind slats is to destring them and pull the slats out to keep. You can take one of the slats and cut it in approximately four-inch pieces. You can keep one piece out, and store the rest. Use the piece you kept out to easily and neatly clean crumbs off of cloth tablecloths.

Rolled tape, like packing tape, electrical tape, and duct tape, is very hard to get started when the sticky end sticks to the roll. Place a small piece of an old mini window blind slat to the end of the tape roll, and never spend extra time trying to start the tape without tearing it again.

If you do a lot of arts and crafts or woodworking projects, you know how difficult it can be to draw straight lines on the curve of a surface. Because mini window blind slats are flexible, they offer the perfect solution. Simply fold a piece of the mini window blind slat over the curve and use a pencil to trace the straight edge and create a straight line.

You can use a piece of a mini window blind slat to create a spout for bottles to make pouring liquids easy, safe, and spillproof.

If you have something that falls and rolls to the back a narrow space between appliances or between appliances and walls, you can use a mini window blind slat to easily reach it and slide it out where you can pick it up. You can also use mini window blind slats to retrieve items from underneath furniture where the opening is too small to get your arms and hands under.

repurpose blind slats

You can keep painting projects neater – and save extra paint – by using a mini window blind slat to clean paint out of the grooved top of the can where the lid for the paint fits on.

Have you ever been working with regular glue or extra-strength glue and tried to spread it on the surface you’re working on, only to find you’ve either glued your fingers together or you’ve created a hard shell on your finger that is very hard to clean off? Mini window blind slats come to the rescue. Use a piece of a mini window blind slat to spread glue – it works perfectly – and keep your hands unglued and clean in the process.

If you’re a gardener and are planting seedlings to transfer to the garden or you’ve planted the garden and want to make sure, until the plants appear, you know what is planted where, you can use mini window blind slats as markers. Cut four or five-inch pieces, write the name of the plant, and stick it in the pot or row that you want to mark.

Mini blind window slats make a great straight line edge when you are doing touchup painting. Instead of spending money and time using painter’s tape to protect trim and window panes, use a piece of a mini window blind slat to keep paint where it belongs. This works well for touchup projects, but you should make sure to use a dry slat for each new section you paint.

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