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Improve Your Smart Home with Smart Motorized Shutters

If you have been thinking about motorized shutters for your home, you should think about incorporating them with the smart technology you have already installed in your home. Having smart motorized window shutters will let you use the technology you already have to make your home more energy efficient and more secure.


Smart motorized window shutters will also give you complete control on how much natural light you want in your home at any time, and they can be programmed to open and close at certain times during the day.


With smart motorized window shutters, you can use your smartphone or tablet to set a daily schedule for when your motorized window shutters should be opened and closed. Once you set the schedule, you can forget it. However, if you decide you want to open or close your motorized window shutters at a time that is not on the schedule, you can do that just as easily whether you’re at home or halfway across the world.


This ability to control your smart motorized shutters lets you maximize the energy efficiency of your home. For example, in the winter months you may want to open your motorized window shutters once the sun is up to allow as much natural light in as possible to let the sun’s warmth help keep the inside of your home warmer, and then close them as the sun goes down to keep the thermal heat inside.


Likewise, during the summer months, you may want to open your smart motorized window shutters during the cooler parts of the day, but close them when the sun is hottest so that the internal temperature of your home stays cooler and more comfortable.


When you have this kind of light control with smart motorized window shutters, you can minimize the amount of time your HVAC system has to run during all the seasons, which will cut down on your energy usage and save money on your energy costs.


Security is always a priority for homeowners. As you and your family go about your daily schedules or travel for work or leisure, there may be many times when no one is home for long stretches at a time.


This makes your home a target for burglars, since would-be thieves often watch a home for a while to make sure no one is there (if you’re out of town) or to figure out what times during the day nobody is usually home.


With smart motorized window shutters, you have the ability to make it look as though someone is always home. You can set your smart motorized window shutters to open and close throughout the day, and you can coordinate your smart motorized window shutters to work in conjunction with your smart lighting.


motorized shuttersFor example, your smart lighting may come on as soon as the sun sets. You can program your smart motorized window shutters to close at the same time. If your smart lighting turns off as soon as the sun rises, you can program your smart motorized window shutters to open then as well.


Smart motorized window shutters do not require anything other than an internet connection and a smart hub. You do not have to pay an electrician to install additional electrical wiring in order to operate them.


Smart motorized window shutters make sense because they offer you and your family so many benefits using technology you probably already have installed in your home.


If you’d like to learn more about smart motorized shutters, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm.

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