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How to Unstick Window Blinds

Window blinds in Panama City Beach, FL can get stuck. Usually this is because there is an operational issue with the window blinds that is preventing them from operating correctly. From not moving up or down at all to catching, having window blinds that are stuck can be an aggravation for homeowners.

Horizontal window blinds are particularly prone to getting stuck after you’ve had them installed for a while. The usual culprit for your horizontal window blinds sticking is that the window blinds’ mechanism pinches the cord so that you can’t lower the window blinds.

Window blinds cords are threaded over a pin underneath a part of the operating mechanism called a pawl. A pawl is essentially a metal roller that grabs the cord and allows it to operate the window blinds by raising or lowering them.

The pawl is located in the window blinds’ headrail. It works by moving up and down a track to release the window blinds to lower them or to lock them into the position that you desire.

One way to fix this operational issue is to give your window blinds a gentle tug. By slightly moving the window blinds cords, you may be able to loosen them and lower or position them. If this doesn’t work, move the window blinds cords toward the center of the window blinds and give them a quick tug.

Either of these should unstick your horizontal window blinds by enabling the pawl to return to its lowest position, which will create enough space between the pawl and the pin to release the cords and make the window blinds operational again.

If for some reason, this doesn’t work, them you’ll need to take the window blinds down. Remove them from the brackets and put them on a table. Make sure that you can get to the lock mechanism in the headrail. Use a flat-head screwdriver to manually move the pawl to its lowest position on the track to unstick the window blinds. Close the headrail and place them back on the brackets.

If you’re trying to unstick vertical window blinds, you can easily do this with a few simple techniques.

Many times, when vertical window blinds won’t open, it’s because one of the slats is not aligned correctly and is positioned in such a way that not of the other slats will move. Simply, check to make sure all the slats are lying flat. Use the level to turn them to the open position. Then, you should be able to open your vertical window blinds without a problem.

If, however, aligning all the slats in your vertical window blinds does not unstick them, then you can spray some silicon spray into the headrail to lubricate the track of the window blinds so that the slats can glide more easily when you open or close them.

Vertical window blinds tend to get a lot more physical wear and tear than horizontal window blinds because the slats are opened and closed more often. It’s not unusual that vertical window blinds slats will break on occasion because of this constant use.

vertical window blinds

If one of the slats in your vertical window blinds breaks and causes the window blinds to get stuck, it’s usually quite simple to repair. You probably have a few leftover slats from the vertical window blinds installation.

Take one of them and measure it to the correct length of the slats you have installed. Mark where the slat needs to be cut to make it even with the rest of the slats, and then cut the excess off.

Remove the broken slat and replace it with the new slat.

If you’d like to learn more about window blinds in Panama City Beach, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm.

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