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Guide to Choosing Window Shutters

The benefits of window shutters in Panama City Beach, FL are that they add functionality to your home and they increase the curb appeal of your home. Functional window shutters increase the privacy of your home, add an additional layer of protection from wind and storm damage, and provide light control. Stationary window shutters (the ones you are used to seeing to the left and right of windows on a home’s exterior) add curb appeal, which will increase the overall value of your home.

Interior window shutters are a window treatment that will last a long time. They give rooms a comfortable feel, while they provide privacy.

Exterior window shutters can be stationary or functional. Functional exterior window shutters close over the windows from the outside, and offer more protection from the high winds associated with hurricanes. Functional exterior window shutters can also block light during the day and can be used for privacy at night. Stationary window shutters are purely for curb appeal, but they can be that one detail that makes your home pop and stand out from other homes in your neighborhood.

Wood interior window shutters are beautiful. They offer a traditional and comfortable style that will make the rooms in your home feel warm and inviting. Wood interior window shutters can be stained (wood colors) or painted (any color), so they can be a incorporated element of a room or a focal point of contrast with the other colors of furniture, carpet, and walls. Wood interior window shutters will require more maintenance over time than other types of window shutters.

Composite interior window shutters can be stained to look like wood, but they need very little maintenance. They offer the look and feel of warmth that wood interior window shutters have, but the composite material ensures that they will be durable and not subject to water damage or warping that can happen to wood window shutters.

Window security shutters protect your windows from damage during severe weather, such as hurricanes or severe storms. Also known as rolldown window shutters, these window shutters cover the entire window. This ensures that the windows are safe in bad weather, and it ensures that your home is private and secure when they are closed.

Interior window shutters come in many styles.

Plantation window shutters are very popular because of their top-to-bottom window fit, wide louvers that offer great ventilation and that allow a lot of natural light into the room when they are open. Plantation window shutters can be custom-made to fit any size window. Since they are installed tightly within the window frame, plantation window shutters also offer a good layer of insulation that can keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the window.

Tiered window shutters are made up of one set of shutters that is installed on the bottom half of the window and another set of shutters that is installed on the top half of the window. Because each set of window shutters is independent from the other, tiered window shutters give you a lot of flexibility in controlling ventilation, light, and privacy. With narrow slats that are adjustable, tiered window shutters can be closed, but natural light can still come into the room.

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