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Dispelling Misconceptions About Motorized Shades

Many homeowners have misconceptions about motorized shades, and because of this they are missing a great opportunity to get fantastic new window treatments, better energy efficiency, maximum control over natural light, and ultimate peace of mind.


You may be thinking about new window coverings for your home, but you think that motorized window shades are just for homeowners who want to show off with their latest technology gadget. This could not be further from the truth, so let’s delve into some of the misconceptions that many people have motorized window shades.


One misconception that people have about motorized window shades is that they are a frivolous luxury. When motorized window shades were first introduced, they were mainly installed in commercial buildings and in wealthier homes. That gave the impression that they were mainly for show but didn’t serve any practical purpose.


However, as technological advances have been made in motorized window shades, and as smart technology has made its way into many American homes, motorized window shades are now affordable for anyone who wants them.


But motorized window shades aren’t just for show. They offer many benefits that you may not be aware of. One benefit is increased energy efficiency for your home. Motorized window shades can reduce the energy loss through the windows of your home by up to 20%.


Other benefits are that motorized window shades give you complete control of your home’s privacy and light filtering. And, motorized window shades can be operated with a smartphone or a tablet, whether you are at home or you are away from home.


Another misconception about motorized window shades is that motorization can only be done with certain styles of shades. However, that is not the case. Whether you want cellular window shades, Roman window shades, roller window shades, or any other type of window shade for you home, motorization is available.


You may have the misconception that motorized window shades make too much when you are operating them. This can be a genuine concern if you are considering having motorized window shades installed throughout your home.


However, that concern is not a concern. Motorized window shades are equipped with very quiet motors that are as soft as a whisper. Therefore, even if you are operating all of your motorized window shades at the same time – such as having them close in the evening as the sun is going down – you will barely hear them.


Motorized window shades were bulky when they were first introduced several decades ago. Therefore, there is a misconception that when you have motorized window shades installed on the windows of your home, they will look bulky and they will take up a lot of space.

However, over the years, there have been many improvements in design and materials, so motorized window shades are trim and sleek and not bulky at all.


Another very common misconception about motorized window shades is that they are very hard to maintain. The reality is that motorized window shades can actually be much easier to maintain because they undergo less wear and tear than window shades that have to be lowered and raised manually.

motorized shades

Battery maintenance is also much easier with motorized shades than when they were first available on the market. Most batteries, with normal usage, are designed to last between three and five years, so you replace them very infrequently.


You also have the option of using rechargeable batteries in your motorized window shades, which means the batteries don’t have to be replaced when they have a low charge, but simply recharged continually by having a power cord plugged into the battery.


If you’d like learn more about motorized shades, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm.

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