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Different Types of Plantation Window Shutters

Plantation window shutters in Destin, FL are characterized by their wide louvers (usually 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches wide) and the elegant look they give to any room they are used in. Plantation window shutters can be used throughout your home and, although white is a popular color, they can also come in other colors and stains to add a touch of flair.

Plantation window shutters are manufactured in three different types of materials: vinyl, composite, and wood.

Vinyl plantation window shutters don’t have any wood in them. Instead, PVC or aluminum supports are used to give them stability. They are weather-resistant and work extremely well in areas where the humidity is high most of the time. Vinyl plantation window shutters come in a variety of styles.

One style is hollow vinyl. Plantation window shutters are constructed with hollow vinyl frames. While these have the benefits of vinyl, you are limited in the size of the plantation window shutters because the hollow frame can’t support as much weight as other styles of frames.

Another style is structured hollow vinyl. With this style, plantation window shutters are made with a vinyl skeleton include inside the shutters to support their weight. This reduces the tendency of the vinyl to sag and creates better structural integrity.

Solid vinyl plantation window shutters have a vinyl frame filled with blown PVC, which makes them more stable and able to support more weight.

Another style is solid vinyl with an aluminum insert. Plantation window shutters made in this style offer a heavier-duty support and weight-bearing option.

Vinyl-clad wood plantation window shutters have a wood frame that is wrapped with vinyl. Not only do you get the durability and strength that wood gives, but you also get the moisture resistance from the vinyl exterior coating.

Composite plantation window shutters are made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and then wrapped in a PVC or vinyl coating. These are durable and sturdy, which means they can support more weight, and they are also resistant to the damaging effects of weather and high humidity.

Wood plantation window shutters are constructed out of wood. Basswood is the most common choice of wood because it offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio. This makes the plantation window shutters lightweight and strong at the same time, which is optimal.

The advantage of wood plantation window shutters is that you have more flexibility in their application. Since wood can be custom-sized and custom-shaped and painted or stained, wood plantation window shutters can be fitted to any window in the home and painted or stained any color you can choose. Vinyl and composite plantation window shutters do not give the same leeway, since they are premade into styles, sizes, and colors.

No matter which style of plantation window shutters you choose, you are sure to be pleased with how they transform your home into a comfortable and welcoming place where your friends and family love to gather because the style, which is classic and classy, puts them at ease. You’ll also be pleased with how much light control you have, how easy plantation window shutters are to maintain, and how they remind timeless even when you update the style or décor of your home.

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