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Different Styles of Window Shutters

Window shutters for the interior of your home come in several different styles. Each style has benefits that you can use to upgrade the décor of your home and to provide more insulation, increased control over natural lighting, and enhanced privacy.

Café style window shutters are interior window shutters that cover only the bottom half of windows. These window shutters get their name from their popularity in cafes in Europe and throughout the United States. They are a good choice for allowing a lot of natural light into rooms, while ensuring privacy is maintained. The top half of the window can either be left unadorned or you can add a window shade or curtain, which you can close at night for full privacy.

The café window shutter panels can be opened or closed, but if your intent is to keep the panels closed all the time, with the slats tilted slightly, then wide café window shutters are your best option, since they will give the inside of the room a spacious and more open feel. If you want to keep the café window shutters open during the day, then a narrow panel may be a better choice.

Tier on tier window shutters, which are also known as double hung window shutters, consist of a set of shutters on the top half on windows and a set of shutters on the lower half of windows. Each set of shutters can be opened independently from each other. Tier on tier window shutters give you a lot of control over the amount of natural light that is allowed into rooms and they offer a lot of privacy.

If you have, for example, a den or dining room that is facing a heavy-traveled road, you can keep the lower set of window shutters closed for privacy, with the slats tilted, and open the upper set of window shutters to let natural light into the room.

For tier on tier window shutters, the best option is narrow panels that are hinged together. This allows you to open the tier on tier window shutters so that they bi-fold onto each other neatly when you open them and the view of the window is not obscured.

Tier on tier window shutters are often used for 135-degree bay windows because they don’t obstruct the view outside. If you plan to keep the top and bottom window shutters closed the majority of the time, then full height window shutters are a better option than tier on tier window shutters.

Full height window shutters consist of a panel that cover the whole window. Plantation window shutters are an example of full height window shutters. The panel opens as a single piece from top to bottom. You can choose a few very wide full height window shutters or several narrow full height window shutters that hinged together to cover your windows.

Full height window shutters allow a lot of light control and give you a lot of privacy. They create a classic, clean look that improves the curb appeal of your home and increases its value.

If you intend to keep full height window shutters closed much of the time, then wider panels are the best option, since they will allow more light into a room. Most full height window shutters have a middle rail that separates the top portion of slats from the bottom portion. This lets you open the top half of slats at one angle while keeping the bottom half of slats closed or open at a different angle.

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