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Different Styles of Window Shades

Different styles of window shades in Destin, FL give you the ability to cover the windows in your home with practicality, panache, and style. Often, when we think of window shades, we think of roller shades, which simply raise and lower on a roller, using a string or an embedded bar at the bottom of the shade. But window shades styles expand far behind the roller shades that most of us are familiar with (and even those have more options than the plain white of our early childhoods).

One style of window shades is pleated window shades. Pleated window shades are made from a type of material that is pleated so that the window shade forms an accordion-type shape. These window blinds can be raised or lowered while maintained their shape. While pleated window blinds look much like Venetian blinds, they provide a softening effect on windows. Pleated window blinds are manufactured using a sturdy paper or fabric.

Another style of window shade is cellular, also known as honeycomb, shades. Cellular window shades are made of many different types of materials, including wood, synthetics, and fabric. Cellular window shades feature a front section and a back section. When placed together, the cell or honeycomb structure is created. The structure of these window shades makes them excellent for light control, insulation, and soundproofing. They come in different cell sizes, which enables them to be used throughout your home in a variety of ways.

Roman window shades are made from fabric or materials such as seagrass and jute. There are a variety of types of Roman window shades, but their predominate feature is the same: as the window shade is raised up, it folds onto itself, creating a beautiful effect when the window shade is raised all the way up. The downside to the beautiful effect of a raised Roman window shade is that the material can obscure some of the view out of the window. However, this is seldom a problem because a large portion of the window is unobstructed. Roman windows can also be lined with materials that can provide blackout capabilities and insulation capabilities.

Roller window shades have graduated from the simple white shades that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. These window shades are now made from both natural and synthetic materials, come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and can fit almost any size window. Valances, fascias, and cornices are often used to dress up roller window shades and hide all of the moving parts. Roller window shades can also be fitted with thermal and blackout linings.

Tie-up window shades offer a decorative touch to any window. When the window shade is rolled up, the extra pieces of material on either side of the window shade are used to hold it in place.

Solar window shades can be used indoors or outdoors (on porches or patios). Solar window shades provide reduction in sunlight, heat, glare, and ultraviolet rays, which makes the areas where they are installed cooler and protects them from the damage of constant exposure to the sun. Solar window shades, however, do not obscure the outside view, so they really are an excellent choice for cooling things down without losing light or the landscape.

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