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Color is Back: Citrus!

The peak season for citrus is in the winter months but the citrus color palette resonates with all things summer.   We’ll gain inspiration from fresh lemons and lime – the perfect touch of color that will bring life and a little fun to your design options. We’ve shared our love for yellow and lime green before and here are a few more spaces that incorporate these playful colors seamlessly.
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Our recommendation is find the balance! The first bedroom is a perfect pairing of a deep navy with lime – the intensity of colors balance each other nicely while creating a bedroom that is relaxing but makes a design statement that is worth taking note.   The next option is less subdued version of lime.  The soft lime bedding is offset with neutral walls and makes for a cheerful space.  Although lime is associated with vibrancy both bedrooms offer a serene environment to find solace.   Lime is a design choice that will make your space stand out – try it out!
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Yellow is synonymous with cheerful happiness and based on the pigment of the yellow the feeling can drastically change.  Our tip:  find the perfect fit!  Yellow plays well with so many color palettes and is a great choice to incorporate to your decor to add a little life!  The first example is a romantic take on yellow and the second is a modern living room oasis.

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