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Cleaning Guide for Window Shades

Cleaning window shades in Panama City Beach, FL might seem a bit daunting with all the different types of window shades there are to choose to have installed in your home. Since most of us mix and match window coverings, depending on the purpose or décor of each room, it’s very likely that you have several different types of window shades in your home that need to be cleaned.

To clean cellular (honeycomb) window shades, you’ll need to first dust them using a feather duster or the vacuum with the upholstery attachment. A light dusting or vacuuming is all that is necessary to get the external dust off.

If dust is inside the cells of a cellular window shade, you can use a blow dryer – using the lowest, coolest setting it has – to blow the dust out of the cells.

Once the dust is removed from a cellular window shade, then you can use a slightly damp sponge that has been immersed in warm, soapy (mild detergent) water and wrung out to wipe it down. Then using a clean cloth, blot the cellular window shade dry.

Be extra gentle when you are cleaning cellular window shades that are completely opaque or that have a blackout option because the fabrics that are using on them crease easily and the creases can become permanent, which can affect the functionality of the cellular shade.

To clean pleated window shades, remove the shade from the window. Open completely, and lay the pleated window shade out on a clean and flat surface. Vacuum both sides of the pleated window shade very gently, taking care to follow the crease lines of the pleats.

If a pleated window shade has fingerprints or dirty spots on it, you can use fabric upholstery cleaner to remove them. Spray the fabric upholstery cleaner directly on the area you want to them, then immediately use a damp, clean sponge to rub the area.

Rub the area gently, ensuring that you are rubbing parallel to the pleats, until the fingerprints or dirt is removed. Be careful that you don’t stretch, crush, or wrinkle the fabric. Remove any excess water from the pleated window shade by blotting it with a clean, dry cloth. Once the pleated window shade is completely dry, it can be rehung in the window.

To clean roller window shades, dust them with a feather duster or vacuum them using the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Once the dust is removed, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth. Do not immerse roller window shades in water.

To clean solar window shades, lower the window shade completely. Gently vacuum both sides of a solar window shade using either the upholstery attachment or the brush attachment. Using a kitchen brush dipped in a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent, lightly brush both sides of the solar window shade. Rinse the solar window shade well. Allow the solar window shade to get fully dry before you roll it back up.

Roman window shades come in many types of fabrics. Some are washable and some are not. The first rule of cleaning all Roman window shades, however, is regular dusting and vacuuming, since fabric can collect a lot of dust.

If Roman window shades are made of a washable fabric, after you dust or vacuum it, remove the dowels from the flat shades. Wash as specified by the fabric instructions and hang the window shades outside instead of drying them in the dryer so they don’t shrink. Iron or steam out wrinkles, and then rehang the window shades.

If Roman window shades are not made of a washable fabric, then they should be dry-cleaned only when necessary. Make sure your dry cleaner is aware if you’ve used any chemicals on the window shade to remove spots.

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