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Choosing the Color of Your Window Shutters

When you’re considering the color of your window shutters, you have many options to select from and to use to enhance the décor of your home. While white window shutters are always popular, you can use colored window shutters to accent rooms and to make larger windows a focal point in common areas in your home. 

The reason why white is such a popular window shutter color is because it looks pristine. It also maximizes daylight hours by helping to reflect light back in a room. If the inside windows have white trim, white window shutters will match perfectly.  

Bright white window shutters will give your home a more contemporary look, but there are many different and softer shades that will blend into the rooms they’re installed in. A silk white window shade has the same reflective capabilities, but because it shines less, it may blend in better with the other materials used in the rooms. 

To gently warm up a room, you might want to consider window shutters that use white tones like pearl and clotted cream. Gray has become a very popular option for window shutters, and the palette ranges from pale gray to deep gray. 

Choose a wood stain for your window shutters if you want to accent wood furniture or you want the window shades to match wood window trim. The choice of wood stains available for window shutters is large, and can range from a light wood stain to a medium wood stain, all the way to wood stains that captures the richness of dark woods like pecan, walnut, and chestnut. Wood-stained shutters are also an excellent choice for homes with a rustic feel or theme. 

You can choose window shutters colors that make the window shutters a feature of the rooms. This is often done with focal point windows, such as bay windows, where the eye is naturally drawn to the window. Choose a window shutter finish that contrasts with the room’s wall color. For example, if the walls are white, then a bright color like yellow or a striking color like red or blue will transform the room. 

One thing to consider as you’re choosing your window shutter colors is that the window shutter color will influence the mood of the room. Blues and greens, for example, are traditionally calming colors, so they would be a good choice for bedrooms and home offices. However, in areas of the house where people socialize, like dining rooms and living rooms or great rooms, you can create energy by using bold colors like red or orange for your window shutters.  

Make sure that your windows shutters color fits into the color scheme of the room. For example, if you choose grass green window shutters, then other elements in the room, such as rugs, vases or lamp bases, should blend in so that the overall room scheme is uniform. Of course, some people like whimsy, and, if that’s your décor, then make sure the colors complement each other and don’t clash. 

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