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What Window Blinds Can Do for Your Home

Window blinds

Window blinds in Destin, FL can do some amazing things for your home. Window blinds come in many different types of materials and colors so that they can be matched with any décor or theme that you already have established in your home.

One thing that window blinds do for your home is provide excellent light control. Window blinds can either be horizontal or vertical (these are often used on sliding glass doors, but they are an excellent option for stationary windows that don’t open or for sliding windows). Window blinds can be easily adjusted throughout the day – and at night – to let light in or keep light out, as the need arises.

Many window blinds have two kinds of light control. You can raise the entire window blind to let the most amount of light in, or you can keep the window blind closed and control light by moving the slats in the window blind to the open and shut positions.

If you add a top down/bottom up option to the window blind, you have even more control over raising the window blinds. Top down lets you lower the window blinds from the top of the window, allowing light in, but keeping the bottom portion private. You can lower the window blinds as much or as little as you like. Bottom up works like traditional window blinds, allow you to raise the blinds from the bottom as much or as little as you prefer.

Window blinds offer an excellent way to increase the insulation of your windows. Up to 25% of the heating or cooling costs of a home can be directly tied to energy loss through your home’s windows. Window blinds add an insulating layer that can reduce that energy loss and lower your energy costs. By having them closed, for example, during the hottest part of the day, window blinds can dramatically cut the solar radiation that can drive power bills higher during the summer months. Having window blinds closed during the winter months can keep your home warmer because they add another barrier to block cold air from coming in.

We all want our homes to make a stunning visual impact on our family and friends. Window blinds can contribute to that impact by adding color and style to all the windows in your home. For a playful look, you can have window blinds in complimentary colors installed in all the bedrooms in your home or you can alternate two contrasting colors of window blinds in a common area such as a den or dining room to create a dramatic effect. There is no end to the possibilities of add that extra touch to your home with window blinds.

Another thing that window blinds can do for your home is provide window treatments for odd-shaped or odd-sized windows. Window blinds can be customized to fit any shape of window or any size of window. Some of the most common applications of customized window blinds are on arched windows above entry doors or decorative octagonal windows in upper hallways. But customization is not limited to these types of windows, so window blinds can be used on any window in your home.

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Benefits of Window Coverings

window covering

Choosing the best window covering in Destin, FL for every window in your home can maximize the benefits that window coverings provide for a home. While we often don’t think much about window coverings, they are an essential part of what makes a home a home.

One thing that a window covering does is provide privacy, keeping what’s inside your home inside and keeping what’s outside your home outside. Choosing a high-quality window covering that ensures privacy in every room is paramount to your family’s sense of security and can ensure that you are not exposing the contents of your home to the outside world, where unscrupulous people can see them and attempt to break into your home to steal them.

A good-quality window covering, however, will not only ensure privacy, but will also give you warm and soft light filtering inside your home. Privacy shouldn’t mean that you have to sit in a completely dark house.

Light control, therefore, is another great benefit of a window covering. Whether you want a lot of light inside your home or you need as little light as possible in rooms like bedrooms, where small children may take naps during the day or people who work night shifts need to sleep during the day, there is a window covering that can meet your needs perfectly.

The window covering that gives you the most control over the amount of light that is allowed into your home is blinds. Blinds can either be vertical or horizontal, but they allow you to adjust the amount of light you want in any room at any time. They are easy to close, for instance, during the hottest part of the day, when the sun is highest, and then easy to open again in the mornings and evenings when the sun is lower. With a bottom up/top down option added to them, you can reduce the glare and heat of direct sunlight while still having a view of the outside.

Another benefit that a window covering offers is protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Just as UV rays outside can fade wood, furniture coverings, and cause painful sunburn, they can wreck the same kind of havoc inside your home – yes, including sunburn. UV rays can damage just about everything inside your home including hardwood floors, hanging art, rugs, carpets, and cloth furniture. As UV rays hit these items, they will cause them to fade and loose their vibrancy over time, which means you’ll need to replace them – or, in the case of wood floors, refinish them – much sooner than if they had not been exposed. This can get costly if you’re having to replace furniture and carpet every few years.

A final benefit that a window covering provides is energy efficiency. If you already have energy efficient windows installed, a high-quality window covering will enhance the energy efficiency of the window. If your windows are older and not as energy efficient, a good window covering can make them energy efficient. This will keep your house more comfortable all year long and it can help reduce the amount of energy that you use, which will reduce your power bills.

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Benefits of Automating Window Treatments

window treatments

Automating window treatments can save you money, make your home safer, and increased your home’s security. There are many benefits to automating window treatments, whether you are doing a full-scale remodeling of your home or you are just updating the window treatments in your home.

One benefit of automating window treatments is the convenience they offer. Automated window treatments can be opened and closed simply by using a button, a remote control, or an app on your smartphone. Window treatments help to lower solar gain and reduce heat loss in your home, so when opening and closing them is more convenient, you are more likely to remember to have them open and closed during the right times of the day.

Since automated window treatments can be automatically scheduled through smart technology to open and close at certain times each day, you can set this up and never have to think about it again. The ability to schedule the opening and closing times of your window treatments throughout the day also offers more security for your home, even when you’re away, because it makes it look as though someone is home all the time.

Another benefit of automating window treatments is the capability to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. You can connect your automated window treatments, smart thermostat, and sunlight sensors to a smart hub that enables the window treatments to react to readings from the sunlight and temperature sensors. Your automated window treatments will know when to close on summer days so that your HVAC system doesn’t have to run needlessly and when to open on winter days to let sun help keep the internal temperature of your home warm.

Automated window treatments can be integrated with other smart home technology, such as smart lighting, to allow the maximum amount of sunlight into your home, which can decrease overall energy use from artificial lighting. For example, you can set your smart lighting to turn off if your automated window treatments open and then to turn on when the automated window treatments close. This is very efficient way to manage lighting, especially if your family routinely forgets to turn out lights when they leave rooms.

Automated window treatments add a lot of extra insulation to your windows, even if they are not integrated into smart technology. The average R value (the capacity to resist heat flow) of a double pane window is 2.0. Adding automated window treatments such as cellular blinds or roller blinds can more than double the total R value, which will keep your home more comfortable all year long and will reduce your total energy costs. Adding motorized drapes will add a further insulating layer to your windows and will increase the overall R value even more.

Another benefit of automating window treatments is that this increases the safety of your home, especially if you have small children and pets. Because there are no cords to get tangled up in, your children and pets can play safely in any room in the house without causing you worry or concern. Additionally, automated window treatments may offer additional benefits in a smart home. Some window treatments can be connected to smartphone apps that will automatically open them if a fire is detected inside the home, which allows emergency personnel to be able to see inside.

If you’d like learn more about window treatments motorization, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm. You can visit our showroom at 1191 N. Elgin Pkwy, Ste. C, Shalimar, FL 32579, or you can contact us at (850) 613-6228.