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Cordless Window Blinds and Home Safety

Cordless window blinds

Cordless window blinds in Panama City Beach, FL are an excellent choice of window treatments to increase the safety of your home. What you don’t know can hurt you, despite the old adage that proclaims that the opposite is true.

There are many hidden dangers within a home. And, for the most part, we know what they are and we take steps to address them. We childproof our homes as soon as little ones make their appearance. We remove harmful chemical from low cabinets – and sometimes install locking devices so they can’t easily be opened – so that our children can’t ingest poisons. We put protective covers over unused electrical outlets to prevent accidental electrocution. We have stovetops with locks that keep the burners from being turned on accidently, either burning our children or starting a fire, or both.

However, the hanging cords from window blinds often escape our notice as a possible hazard to our children and pets. However, twice a month a child loses their life from getting entangled in hanging cords from blinds. Cordless window blinds are the solution that completely eliminates the possibility of a child or pet getting injured or killed from getting tangled up in the cords of corded window blinds.

It is a very easy process to replace corded window blinds with cordless window blinds, and it significantly adds to the safety measures you already have in place in your home.

Cordless window blinds are popular among RV owners because they can be custom-made to fit even the smallest windows in campers and they come in a wide array of colors that can brighten any space. Cordless window blinds can also be adjusted to allow as much or as little natural light in as possible.

Cordless window blinds in your home can be a great addition to the décor of to any room they’re installed in. You can use cordless window blinds as a blending component (matches one of the other dominant colors in the room) or you can use cordless window blinds as a contrasting component (a different, but complementary, color than the other colors used in the room).

Cordless window blinds are available in different gauges (weights) that can ensure durability and longevity. Cordless window blinds also come with contoured metal headrails that can completely hide the blinds when they are raised.

Additionally, cordless window blinds have a lot of flexibility when it comes to controlling the amount of natural light that comes into a room. They can either be raised completely to allow maximum natural light or the slats can be adjusted to allow lower amounts of natural light, while maintaining privacy.

Cordless window blinds are the answer to the often-overlooked potential danger that corded window blinds pose within a home to small children and beloved pets. You can have confidence that your home is more safe and secure for all its occupants when you have cordless window blinds installed.

It’s also a good idea to share the potential hazards of corded window blinds with your friends and family members who have these installed in their homes and let them know that cordless options are available and that they will make their homes safer to live in.

If you’d like to learn more cordless window blinds in Panama City Beach, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm. You can come to our showroom at 1191 N. Elgin Pkwy, Ste. C, Shalimar, FL 32579, or you can call us at (850) 613-6228.

Energy Efficient Window Coverings

window covering

An energy efficient window covering for each window in your home can make the interior of your home comfortable all year by reducing the amount of energy that you lose through your windows.

About 30% of your home’s heating energy escapes through your home’s windows during the winter months, while approximately 76% of the summer sun enters your home as heat during the summer months. This, in turn, can make your home feel much colder in the winter and much warmer in the summer. Your HVAC system has to use more power to keep a constant internal temperature, which drives your energy costs up.

While all window coverings will give you energy efficiency, some of them give you more than others.

Operable window coverings (ones that you can open and close) tend to give the best energy efficiency because they give you total control over natural light, privacy, and the ability to maximize the heat from the sun during the winter and minimize heat gain during the summer.

Of the window coverings that are operable, research has shown that three-quarters of residential window coverings stay in the same position – open or closed – on a daily basis. If you are among the 75% described here, it’s time to think strategically about opening and closing your home’s window coverings.

If the weather is cold, but the days are sunny, open your window coverings – especially those that get direct sunlight – in the morning to let the sun heat your home all day long. If the weather is hot, then you’ll want to keep the window coverings that get direct sunlight closed to reduce your home’s heat gain. If you still want some natural light coming into the house through open windows, open the window coverings that don’t get direct sunlight early in the morning and late in the afternoon (the summer sun is strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.).

Window coverings that work best for energy efficiency include those that are insulated. They keep the cold out during the winter months and the heat out during the summer months.

Insulated cellular shades are the best choice for maximum energy efficiency. These window coverings, which are also known as honeycomb shades, have the highest R-values of any type of window covering. The honeycomb construction creates air pockets that trap hot air and decrease the amount of heat that is conducted through the window. Similarly, during winter months, the air pockets stop cold air from coming inside, keeping your home warmer and reducing the amount of energy needed to keep a comfortable internal temperature.

Because cellular shades can be tightly installed inside window frames, the amount of heat lost through your home’s windows can be reduced by 40% or more. This translates to an approximate 20% decrease in heating costs. When the summer months come, tightly installed cellular shades can decrease the amount of heat transferred through windows by up to 80%, which can decrease the total solar gain of your windows to 15% or less. This translates to significant reductions in your cooling costs.

For maximum solar heat gain reduction, choose cellular shades that operate on side tracks. Cellular shades that open from both the top and bottom give you maximum control over how much natural light is allowed into your home during the day.

If you’d like learn more about choosing an energy efficient window covering in Panama City Beach, FL, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm. You can visit our showroom at 1191 N. Elgin Pkwy, Ste. C, Shalimar, FL 32579, or you can contact us at (850) 613-6228.

Different Styles of Window Shades

window shades

Different styles of window shades in Destin, FL give you the ability to cover the windows in your home with practicality, panache, and style. Often, when we think of window shades, we think of roller shades, which simply raise and lower on a roller, using a string or an embedded bar at the bottom of the shade. But window shades styles expand far behind the roller shades that most of us are familiar with (and even those have more options than the plain white of our early childhoods).

One style of window shades is pleated window shades. Pleated window shades are made from a type of material that is pleated so that the window shade forms an accordion-type shape. These window blinds can be raised or lowered while maintained their shape. While pleated window blinds look much like Venetian blinds, they provide a softening effect on windows. Pleated window blinds are manufactured using a sturdy paper or fabric.

Another style of window shade is cellular, also known as honeycomb, shades. Cellular window shades are made of many different types of materials, including wood, synthetics, and fabric. Cellular window shades feature a front section and a back section. When placed together, the cell or honeycomb structure is created. The structure of these window shades makes them excellent for light control, insulation, and soundproofing. They come in different cell sizes, which enables them to be used throughout your home in a variety of ways.

Roman window shades are made from fabric or materials such as seagrass and jute. There are a variety of types of Roman window shades, but their predominate feature is the same: as the window shade is raised up, it folds onto itself, creating a beautiful effect when the window shade is raised all the way up. The downside to the beautiful effect of a raised Roman window shade is that the material can obscure some of the view out of the window. However, this is seldom a problem because a large portion of the window is unobstructed. Roman windows can also be lined with materials that can provide blackout capabilities and insulation capabilities.

Roller window shades have graduated from the simple white shades that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. These window shades are now made from both natural and synthetic materials, come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and can fit almost any size window. Valances, fascias, and cornices are often used to dress up roller window shades and hide all of the moving parts. Roller window shades can also be fitted with thermal and blackout linings.

Tie-up window shades offer a decorative touch to any window. When the window shade is rolled up, the extra pieces of material on either side of the window shade are used to hold it in place.

Solar window shades can be used indoors or outdoors (on porches or patios). Solar window shades provide reduction in sunlight, heat, glare, and ultraviolet rays, which makes the areas where they are installed cooler and protects them from the damage of constant exposure to the sun. Solar window shades, however, do not obscure the outside view, so they really are an excellent choice for cooling things down without losing light or the landscape.

If you’d like to learn about different styles of window shades in Destin, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm. You can come to our showroom at 1191 N. Elgin Pkwy, Ste. C, Shalimar, FL 32579, or you can call us at (850) 613-6228.