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Increasing Your Home’s Privacy

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Using a window covering in Destin, FL on all the windows in your home is one way that you can take back your home’s privacy. As Big Data gathers more and more information about our lives and makes that information available to anyone who knows how to use a search engine, our homes become more vulnerable to a loss of privacy.

We all want to have a certain amount of privacy in our lives, even if we are social media’s biggest oversharers. There are tangible ways to make this a reality even in a society where very little of our lives seem to have any privacy left.

One way to increase your home’s privacy is to have a fence installed. If you live in a neighborhood that is governed by a homeowner’s association (HOA), be sure to check their regulations for fences before you have your fence installed. Some HOAs will not let you install a fence at all, while others have regulations about the type and height of fences that can be installed.

A fence is a great way to make sure your backyard is private for you and your family. The last thing that any of us wants is to feel like our neighbors are watching our every move while we are relaxing and working in our yards.

A fence is also a good way to keep people off your property, and a fence is an excellent deterrent to potential burglars. Be sure to keep the gate of your fence locked with a combination lock or padlock in addition to the latch that is installed on the gate.

Planting trees and bushes around your home is another excellent way to give your home more privacy. Many of us live in neighborhoods where our homes are practically on top of each other, so this natural barrier can give our homes the privacy they need.

Be sure to consider the height and depth of trees and bushes when they are full grown when you’re planting them to make sure there is enough space between them so you don’t end up with a tangled mess when they mature.

Another excellent way to increase the privacy of your home is to have the windows in your home tinted. Most of us like to have a lot of natural light in our homes, especially in the winter months when the days are short and the weather is cooler. However, bare windows mean less privacy.

Tinting windows can give your home a full bath of natural light while preventing anyone who is outside from seeing inside your home. Tinting the windows of your home can also increase your home’s energy efficiency, because tinting will reduce solar heat, which will keep your home more comfortable even in the hottest weather without you ever having to touch the thermostat.

Tinted windows also reduce solar glare, which is important when you are working on a computer or watching TV, and they reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays from the sun that enter your home, providing protection from fading and damage for the contents of your home.

Window coverings are a vital part of increasing the privacy of your home. Window coverings like blinds and shutters give you the most control over your privacy without sacrificing an infusion of natural light or ventilation on nice days, but window shades work well in rooms where privacy is the primary concern.

If you’d like learn more about privacy with a window covering in Destin, FL, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm.

How to Care for Your Windows

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When you choose the perfect window covering in Santa Rosa Beach, FL for all the windows in your home, you are on your way to increasing your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is important whether you plan to live in your home for many years or you anticipate selling your home in the future.

Windows create much of the curb appeal of your home, so you should include them as a regular part of keeping your home clean and updated. Here’s how.

Have you ever driven by a home that you thought would look great if someone would just clean the windows? Dirty windows give the impression to passersby that the homeowner isn’t concerned about the cleanliness of their home. Dirty windows also obscure the outside views that windows are supposed to take advantage of.

Cleaning your windows on a regular basis can do a lot for the curb appeal of your home so that your nice, gleaming windows become a focal point from outside and so that you and your family can enjoy both the full natural light of the sun and the stunning views available outside.

Plan to clean your windows once or twice a year. If you have windows that tilt so that you can clean the inside and outside of the window from inside your home, cleaning them will be much easier.

If some of your windows are hard to reach on the outside, you can hire a professional window cleaning service at least once a year. The cost will not be prohibitive, since you don’t need to deep clean windows very often.

Once you’ve cleaned your windows, you need to make sure that beautiful view outside is actually beautiful. With a little time and effort, your can transform your front and back yards so that they literally burst with color and they are well-manicure.

Planting perineal flowers and flowering bushes in both the front and back of your home is an easy way to have a lot of color during the spring and summer months without a lot of work every year. You can create decorative garden walls using stones or bricks to make the flowers or bushes stand out.

Keep bushes regularly trimmed so they don’t create a messy, tangled look. Keep the lawn mowed regularly during the spring and the summer and be sure to edge around sidewalks and fences to create a nice, clean look.

Now you’re ready to think about window coverings when it’s dark outside and you want privacy or you want to cool down your home during the hottest part of the day or keep your home warmer during cooler months.

Your window coverings may have seen their better days. Like anything else, window coverings can wear out over time. They may not operate properly. They may be torn or broken. Their colors may have faded.

Replacing your window coverings is another way to care for your windows. There are many styles, designs, and colors you can choose from that will make your windows stunning and that will update and freshen the interior décor of your home.

Taking care of your windows is easy and doesn’t require much more than these few simple steps that make them absolutely beautiful.

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Window Coverings for Privacy

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When you’re looking for a window covering in Panama City Beach, FL that enhances the privacy of your home, there are many options that are available that both coordinate well with your interior décor and protect you, your family, and your possessions from view by people passing by outside. Window coverings can also give you privacy by helping block outside noises.

But some windows seem as though they may be harder to make private with window coverings because they are not rectangular windows. These include windows with arches or octagon-shaped windows. However, window coverings for privacy can be custom-made and custom-fitted for these kinds of windows as well.

While many window coverings provide privacy, there are some things that you’ll need to consider as you look for window coverings that not only enhance your home’s style, but also give you the privacy and noise control you want.

Bathrooms, of course, are probably the rooms in the house where privacy is a must. However, when you choose window coverings for the bathrooms in your home, you’ll want to choose window coverings that can stand up to the high moisture content of bathrooms. Shades are always a popular choice, but if they are made out of fabric, they can cause mold and mildew to form and grow.

You should also avoid real wood window coverings in the bathroom as well. Wood is living, so it easily absorbs moisture from the bathroom. This can cause the wood to expand or warp, and it can also cause mold and mildew to grow and flourish.

Your best choices for privacy and noise control in the bathroom, then, are window coverings that are made from non-wood and non-fabric materials. Many people like the stylishness and practicality of window shutters, since they can be closed to provide complete privacy or they can be opened to allow the maximum amount of natural light in from the outside.

Window shutters are manufactured with many non-wood and non-fabric materials, so you have a lot of choices that will work well in your bathrooms.

Bedrooms are another area of your home where absolutely privacy is a must. Faux wood plantation shutters are always an excellent choice – both in bedrooms and throughout your home – because they can be fully opened and fully closed to maximize light or privacy. You can also keep them close and simply open or close the wide louvers for either allowing natural light to come in or ensuring privacy.

Another popular choice for privacy in bedrooms is cellular – honeycomb – blinds that are room-darkening. These ensure that you have complete privacy, and they also provide excellent outside noise control. Additionally, cellular blinds also add insulation to the window, so they make any room they are installed in more energy efficient.

Room-darkening roller shades are also an excellent choice to add privacy and noise control to your home. Roller shades can be raised when you want to allow natural light in from the outside, but when they are lowered, they provide total privacy.

Window coverings that don’t give you privacy include sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are great for letting light into a room and giving rooms a sense of airiness. But they must have another window covering with them that provides privacy (usually this window covering is either drapes or curtains.

If you’d like learn more about privacy window coverings in Panama City Beach, FL, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm. You can visit our showroom at 1191 N. Elgin Pkwy, Ste. C, Shalimar, FL 32579, or you can contact us at (850) 613-6228.



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