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Do You Vacuum These?

Window blinds

Window blinds in Destin, FL are among the things in your home that you should be vacuuming as part of your regular cleaning schedule. We tend to think that floors are the only part of homes that we should be vacuuming, but the reality is that there are many other uses for our vacuum cleaners that we should be aware of.

If you’re a spring cleaning person, you probably don’t move your kitchen and laundry appliances out of their place except once a year – in the spring. Each year, you’re probably shocked by how much dust and dirt has accumulated behind the stove and the refrigerator in just one cycle of 365 days.

But, you should actually be moving the refrigerator and stove out more frequently than once a year to clean behind them. Accumulating dirt and dust behind your stove can pose a potential fire hazard, so cleaning it regularly with your vacuum cleaner will minimize that threat.

Using your vacuum cleaner to clean the coils on your refrigerator will help your refrigerator last longer and run more efficiently. Older refrigerator models generally have the coils located in the back, while newer refrigerator models will have the coils in the front at the bottom (they will be covered with a plastic panel).

You should vacuum the back of your stove and the coils of your refrigerator at least every six months, although every four months will mean less buildup of dust and dirt between cleanings.

Dust and dirt also accumulate behind washers and dryers. This presents a particular risk with dryers because of the heat associated with drying clothes. Vacuuming behind your dryer at least every six months keeps the buildup of dust and dirt from becoming a fire hazard.

While you’ve got the vacuum cleaner near your dryer, you should also vacuum out the lint trap. Most lint traps are either on top of the dryer (they are pulled out to clean) or in a casing inside the dryer door.

Although you may empty the lint trap regularly, lint particles get left behind in the casing area. This buildup of lint can start a fire. Remove the lint trap and vacuum the inside of the casing thoroughly at least every four months to help lower the risk of a fire starting.

Be sure to empty the lint vent and vacuum it as well on a regular basis. The lint vent is the tube that goes from the back of your dryer to the outside of your home where excess lint is deposited. Sometimes lint can get backed up in the lint vent (if your clothes aren’t drying during a regular cycle, this is the first thing you should check for), and this too can increase the risk of a fire being started.

When you first open your windows in the spring, you may be surprised at all the dirt and dead insects you find inside the bottom of the window frame. Use your vacuum cleaner to quickly remove and clean the window frame, and follow with a wet cloth to get the frame completely clean.

Window blinds should be vacuumed regularly as well. Dust and dirt can accumulate quickly on the slats of window blinds. Window blinds should be vacuumed every four weeks. However, you want to be careful to use a low suction vacuum cleaner (such as a handheld model) that has a brush attachment so that you don’t damage or break any of the operating mechanisms on your window blinds.

If you’d like information about cleaning window blinds in Destin, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm.

Jazz Up Your Living Room

Window blinds

Window blinds in Santa Rosa Beach, FL can be part of jazzing up the style of your living room, along with other changes you can make. Look around your living room and see if it inspires you or if it makes you want to go into another room. Your living room may get used a lot or a little, but in either case, you can do some things to make it fresh and inviting.

If you’re like most homeowners, the furniture in your living room may be showing signs of wear and tear or they may just look outdated. Some furniture, such as antiques and family heirlooms, can add special touches to your living room, but sofas, loveseats, recliners and coffee and end tables can become unattractive over time.

Maybe your sofa, loveseat, and recliners were purchased years ago, and the leather or cloth is getting frayed or torn, has stains, or has faded from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. While purchasing brand new furniture is an option for jazzing up your living room, a much more affordable option is to have them reupholstered with new and updated materials (if the frames and springs are still in good shape).

Coffee and end tables get used a lot and scratches and rings from drinks are inevitable on wood finishes. Coffee and end tables that have glass coverings may have scratches or cracks in them. You can choose to replace these with new tables, or you may simply want to refinished wood or by new glass for your coffee and end tables.

Painting is another way to simply and inexpensively jazz up your living room. If your living room feels dark and dank on cloudy or rainy days, it may be the paint color that makes it feel gloomier. Choose bright colors to make your living room feel more spacious, airy, and light even when the sun isn’t shining outside.

Warm colors, such as light yellow, will be more inviting during the day in natural light and during the night with artificial light than cool colors, like blues and grays. Use bright white paint for the ceiling to give your living room a more open look.

Flooring wears out too. You may have rugs and flooring in your living room that have seen a lot of spills and dirt and mud tracked in from outside over the years, as well as a lot of ultraviolet rays from the sun, and they show it. If your flooring is wood, it can often be less expensive to repair and refinish it than to have new flooring installed. Rugs and carpet, though, can be replaced fairly inexpensively to add new vibrancy to your living room.

Now, look at your windows. Do you have dark curtains or drapes that you had installed when you bought your home? Do you have shades or blinds that aren’t operating properly because they’re broken or torn? Are all the colors faded?

Having new window blinds installed is another way you can jazz up your living room. Window blinds come in many types of materials and a wide array of colors, so you use them as an accent to the rest of your living room’s color scheme or you can use them to bring the whole style you’ve created together.

If you’d like to learn more about kitchen window blinds in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm. You can come to our showroom at 1191 N. Elgin Pkwy, Ste. C, Shalimar, FL 32579, or you can call us at (850) 613-6228.

Is it Time to Replace Your Vertical Window Blinds?

window blinds

Vertical window blinds in Panama City Beach, FL are probably installed somewhere in your home. Perhaps you have a large picture window that has vertical (also known as venetian) window blinds installed on it. More likely, you have a glass sliding door that has vertical window blinds installed.

While vertical window blinds are a practical and easy window treatment to use on oversized windows and on sliding glass doors, they wear over time. Slats get broken or warped, making them harder to open and close. Perhaps some of the slats are missing, so the window blinds don’t even provide the kind of privacy you bought them for.

While your vertical window blinds have served their purpose for many years, it’s time to think about replacing them with new beautiful and more energy efficient window coverings.

While vertical window blinds were the most practical solution for large windows and sliding glass doors when they were introduced in the late 1960’s, they also have some inherent issues that can make them less and less an attractive window covering option as time goes by.

One issue is that the slats can get stuck or twisted, and make opening or closing the vertical window blinds impossible until you physically reach up and unstick or untwist the offending slat.

Another issue with vertical window blinds is that they make noise when they are closed. If you used vertical window blinds on a sliding glass door or large window where you also have a screen installed, so you can have them open for ventilation, the vertical window blinds will clang together at the slightest breeze or even if someone passes close by them.

Vertical window blinds also break easily. All it takes is someone to brush by them or tug on them a little too hard and the slats can break or the vane snaps and then they don’t rotate or open they way they are supposed to.

If you’ve had your vertical window blinds up for several years, you’ll notice that they show a lot of wear and tear. Because most vertical window blinds are made with vinyl, it’s easy for visible dirt to build up over time.

So, now you’ve decided to replace your vertical window blinds. What window treatments work as well or better than they do?

Plantation window shutters are a better alternative than vertical window blinds for windows that are oversized. With their timeless trendiness and their availability in many types of materials and colors, plantation window shutters give you a lot of benefits that vertical window blinds don’t. They are durable, so they won’t move when you have the windows open for ventilation.

Additionally, plantation window shutters add an extra layer of insulation to windows, so they will keep the internal temperature of your rooms more consistently comfortable.

Another great option to replace vertical window blinds on large windows is cellular shades. Cellular window shades update any décor and they can be manufactured with different variations of light filtering, so you can choose the one that works best in the room where you are going to install them.

A fantastic alternative to vertical window blinds for sliding glass doors is sliding panels. These are track window blinds that are easy to use and come in a large variety of fabric choices.

If you’d like to learn more about window blinds in Panama City Beach, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm. You can come to our showroom at 1191 N. Elgin Pkwy, Ste. C, Shalimar, FL 32579, or you can call us at (850) 613-6228.



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