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Window Coverings for Unusual Window Shapes

motorized shutters

Unique windows and motorized shutters make your home stand out with stylish flair, not only upping your curb appeal but also potentially increasing your house’s value. It might seem difficult to find the right motorized shutters if you choose an unusual window shape, but that is not the case. There are a lot of unusual window shapes out there, but some popular ones include awning, bay, bow, casement, side, picture, sidelight, and angled. Read on to learn about how to dress them appropriately with motorized shutters and more:

  • Awning – Awning windows are hinged at the top, making them ideal for tilting open for extra ventilation. In fact, awning windows can even be left open in the rain without letting water in the house. Awning windows look great with outside mounted window treatments and shades.
  • Bay – Bay windows project out past the home’s exterior wall to create a nook or alcove inside the house. These windows have glass on all three sides of the nook and look best with outside mounted shades. However, inside mounted shades with smaller headrails, like cellular and pleated shades, could also work.
  • Bow – Bow windows are just like bay; except they are curved. Bow windows also are usually made out of four or more windows for a wider outdoor view. They add extra space to the room by extending out past the wall. Bow windows match well with outside mounted shades or draperies.
  • Casement – Casement r windows open like small doors, by swinging out or in depending on the design. The hinges are on either side and are opened with a lever or crank. Shutters are not recommended for casement windows. Instead, high-raise shades work best. But don’t worry, you can still find motorized shades for these kinds of windows.motorized shutter 1
  • Side Slider – These windows work just like common double hung models; except they are opened horizontally rather than vertically. Both sashes move left or right to open or close the window. Virtually any window treatment works with side slider windows, including motorized shutters.
  • Picture – Picture windows do not open, and therefore have no mechanisms or controls that obscure the view. Vertical blinds and any kind of fabric shades work best with picture windows to preserve the view.
  • Angled – Like bay and bow windows, angled windows project out of the home’s wall, however the angle is sharper. The best way to treat an angled window is with inside mounted shades or draperies that cover the entire front.
  • Sidelight – Sidelight windows are tiny and are often used to frame a door to let in extra light. Most people do not put any window treatment on a sidelight as they are so small, but any shades under 12” can work if desired.


No matter which of these unusual window shapes you choose, you can count on McNeill Palm to help you dress them. We offer a wide range of motorized shutters services. Please visit us or give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Get More Natural Light for Your Home

Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization

There’s a reason why sunny days make everyone feel happier and healthier. Natural light is great for you, as it can help boost your emotion and help keep you healthy. While going outside for a walk, run, or even just to sit in the sun are good options for getting more natural light, there are ways you can make your home more naturally bright to feel light’s effects even when you’re inside your home. From installing Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization windows to hanging more mirrors, changing windows themselves and more, these are just a few ways you can bring more natural light into your home:

  • Hunter Douglas PowerView MotorizationsInstall New Windows with Motorization – Older styles of windows usually have bulky, too big frames that can block out the sun. Also, old window glass can dramatically lower the amount of natural light that gets into your home. One great way to boost your home’s natural light is to install replacement windows. Choose models with slim frames and clear glass to bring in more natural light. Also, adding motorization to new window treatments for your new widows will give you the power to move them into whatever position you want. You can control the treatments using the PowerView App or the Pebble Remote Control, so you don’t even need to get out of bed or off the couch to get the light control or privacy you want.
  • Add Mirrors – Mirrors reflect light, so if you add more mirrors around your home, the sunlight coming in from your windows will be reflected and magnified, making your home look brighter and feel more comfortable. Place a big mirror over your couch to brighten up your living room or install mirrors down a hallway to make the space feel bigger, brighter and more welcoming.
  • Change the Window Coverings – Even if you have brand new, big windows with clear glass, your window treatments might still be blocking the sunshine. Heavy drapes block parts of your windows, dramatically reducing the natural light that gets in. If you want the privacy of heavy drapes, but don’t want to miss out on the light, try installing shutters you can close at night, or only Ion the bottom. You could also install sheers to let the light in but block outside view.


There may be one downside to maximizing your home’s natural light, and that’s energy efficiency. While the warm North Carolina sun feels great when it enters your home, it can make your home hotter and your energy bills way higher. However, you can easily fix this problem by installing energy efficiency boosting window coverings like shutters or shades as well as making sure your windows have low-E glass. Both of these window treatments and low-E glass can also help protect your rugs and furniture from fading in the sun.

If you want to learn more about the right kinds of window coverings, windows, and other tricks to boost your home’s natural light, you can contact McNeill Palm. We offer a wide array of Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization services and would be more than happy to work with you to find the best options for your home. Please give us a call today for more information on what we can do for you and your home.

Pergolas and Home Automation

motorized louvred pergolas

Have you ever settled into bed for a good night’s sleep, only to realize you forgot to close the blinds and have to get up again? Thanks to modern home automation, this and many similar problems all fade away. If you’re updating the outdoor space at your home, you should look into finding options that are compatible with home automation systems, like motorized louvred pergolas.

  • Most motorized louvred pergolas have great features like:
  • Smartphone and remote-control use that’s intuitive and user-friendly
  • Numerous styles, shape, size and color options to match your décor and preferences
  • Cordless power for child and pet-friendly use
  • Advanced scheduling controls that help maintain a consistent pergola temperature and reduce energy bills
  • Ability to adjust to the changing sunrise and sunset every day
  • Hidden battery packs and cords for streamlined appearance but simple installation and operation

Motorized louvred pergolas and other automated window options offer tons of incredible benefits that will make your home more comfortable, safe, valuable, and beautiful. First of all, motorized blinds and motorized louvred pergolas are downright convenient. You can raise or lower your blinds and pergolas with a touch of a button, or even through an app on your smart phone or tablet. You can easily control one blind at a time or move the entire set all at once to customize how much or how little light you want to let into a room. They are also convenient as they will help save you the time of closing or opening the sides of your pergola one at a time.motorize louvred pergolas


Motorized louvred pergolas can also help you save on your energy bill. You can set timers through the remote or app to raise or lower the sides depending on the sun if you’re at work, or even out of town on vacation. This added sun blockage will help make your outdoor space cooler in the summer, letting your air conditioner take a break and your energy usage take a dive. Motorized louvred pergolas also work the other way and can be set to open in the winter to allow extra sunlight in to keep your pergola warm and comfortable.


Motorized louvred pergolas aren’t the only home automation option. If you have floor to ceiling windows, or windows that are otherwise hard to reach, motorized blinds are a blessing. You don’t have to get out a stepstool or climb on the windowsill to operate them, as the automation takes care of everything for you. Motorized blinds are also ideal for those with disabilities or the elders, as they make it easier to open and close the window without having to get out of a wheelchair or operate cords.

If you think motorized louvred pergolas and other home automation systems are worth the cost for your home and needs, McNeill Palm. We have years of motorized louvred pergola and home automation experience that we would love to put to use for you and your home. Please pay us a visit or give us a call for more information about what we can do for you.