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Measuring for New Motorized Shutters

motorized shutters

Adding motorized shutters home is a great way to add style from the inside, boost your curb appeal, increase property value, add even more convenience, increase safety, and even lower energy consumption. However, some homeowners are put off from motorized window shutters because they have to get the correct window measurements to install their shutters.

This shouldn’t be such a cause of worry, as measuring for motorized shutters isn’t as tough as it seems. The following are frequently asked questions and their answers to give you guidance on measuring for your new motorized shutters:

  1. Where Do I Start? – Your first step should be deciding if you’re getting inside mount or outside mount shutters, as this will determine how you measure. If your window has a recess that can fit a shutter frame, you can have an inside mount. If your windows have minimal depth or any kinds of obstructions like crank handles, you need an outside mount.
  2. What Do I Do About A Sill? – A protruding sill or ledge at the bottom of your window doesn’t change anything if you’re going with inside mount shutters. However, if you want outside mount shutters, you do need to add the width of the frame once to your height (as opposed to twice to your width) to get an accurate measurement.
  3. How Do I Handle Historic Windows? – A lot of historic windows have a colonial trim, making them hard to fit for a shutter. Hard, but not impossible. You can use an inside mount L-frame style shutter to fit your historic windows.
  4. How Do I Measure Oddly Shaped Windows? – There is a shutter for every window, even oddly shaped ones. If you have bay, bow, circular, or another kind of window shape, get measure the height and width, and then take a picture of the window to send to your shutter manufacturer.motorized shutters 1
  5. Can I Use a Laser Measure? – While new gadgets are cool, they are not always reliable. It’s a better idea stick with a standard measuring tape to measure your windows for your shutters. This is especially true because laser measures are not great for measuring small, confined areas like window openings. However, if you want to use your new laser, just double-check the results with a tape measure.
  6. What About Windows That Tilt For Cleaning? – If you have windows that tilt in for cleaning, you should go for an outside mount, as it will not block the window from tilting. However, if you really want the look of inside mount shutters, you can order them as panels only so you can still tilt the window as needed. Another option is to get an inside mount frame and ditch the tilt.

It will be easy to measure for your new motorized shutters if you follow the advice of McNeill Palm. You can stop by and visit us or give us a call to get any of your window shutter questions answered.

Kitchen Window Ideas

Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization

Your window treatments play a big part in your décor and your home’s function. This is especially true when it comes to your kitchen window coverings. When cooking, cleaning, and washing dishes, you want to not only be pleased with the lighting or shading that comes from the windows, but also rest assured that the covering can hold up to the daily wear and tear that goes with a kitchen. If you’re getting ready to shop for kitchen window coverings, you should keep these questions, like considering if you want to add Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization, in mind to give you inspiration and guidance:

  1. Should I Add Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization? Motorizing your kitchen window coverings can be really great! The technology offers a lot of benefits to your home. From extra security and increased privacy to simple convenience, you won’t regret motoring your window coverings.
  2. Do I Want My Window Covering to Match My Molding? If you have painted walls with different colored molding around the ceilings, floors, and windows, you will probably want to match your window coverings to the color of the molding for a seamless and sophisticated feel.
  3. Do I Want My Window Covering Match My Flooring? While you don’t want to go too far with matching, it’s a good idea to have your window coverings fit in with your floor coloring. For example, if you have white molding, dark blue walls and warm golden flooring, your windows would look great with warm, golden color window coverings. This seamless design helps tie the entire room together without being too ostentatious. Also, having corresponding window coverings and flooring will help the room look bigger as it will draw the eyes upwards.
  4. Should I Match My Cabinets? This is another instance in which the secondary color of the kitchen space, like the molding or floor, should complement the window coverings. If you have cabinets with more than one color you should get window coverings that match the cabinet’s secondary colors. Be careful that you do not match your coverings to the main color of your cabinets, as that would be too overwhelming for the eyes. However, if you have neutral cabinets in browns, whites or black, your window coverings can be pretty much any color you want.
  5. What About Countertops? Matching window treatments and countertops can be tricky. Theoretically, if your countertops match with your cabinets, they will therefore match your window coverings. However, if they are the same color as your cabinets, you do not want to have your window coverings be that color as that would be too much. But, if your countertops and your cabinets complement each other, then you can emphasize either color with your window covering.

Finding the right window coverings for your kitchen windows is really all about how you want the room to look and feel. Kitchens can get away with being busy or complex, but be careful you don’t go too far with it. You can always go simple with your main pieces, like the window coverings and cabinets, and add interest with smaller elements like artwork or countertop décor.

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If you want more help or inspiration for the Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization in your kitchen or in any other part of your home, please reach out to McNeill Palm.

Tips for Cleaning Your Shades and Motorized Louvered Pergolas

Motorized louvered pergolas

The motorized louvered pergolas and shades in your home are probably fantastic. After all, all these helpful and convenient products come in almost limitless materials and colors and go with tons of different decorating styles. Shades are, in the simplest form, and piece of fabric cut to the window size and attached to a frame or rod that is then fastened to the top of the window frame. Motorized louvered pergolas are coverings designed to shade and cool and outdoor space as needed. Both of these products are incredibly beneficial for any home.

However, they won’t stay fantastic forever if you don’t give them the care they need. A big part of this care is cleaning. A lot of homeowners find it hard to clean shades and motorized louvred pergolas, and with good reason. It can be tricky. But, with the following tips, you’ll find it a lot easier to keep your shades and motorized louvered pergola looking great and working well.

  • Use A Fabric Cleaner – You can always take your fabric shades down and bring them to a professional cleaner, like your local dry cleaner. There are also some towns that have specific shade and blind cleaning businesses.
  • Spot Clean – It’s easy to spot clean shades with an all-purpose cleaner. However, always spray the cleaner onto a clean, soft cloth and never directly only the shades or pergolas.
  • Vacuum – Dust quickly builds up on these products, making them look dirty and dingy. Use your vacuum to remove dust buildup on your shades. Place the brush attachment on the end of the hose and gently move it down the shades or pergolas.
  • Wipe Wood – Wood shades and pergolas can be cleaned with a little water on a soft cloth. Just slightly dampen the cloth, and wipe away dirt, dust or grime. Be sure to wipe away any excess moisture with a second, dry cloth when you’re done.
  • Motorized louvered pergolas 1Give Them a Bath – You can always give your coverings a deep clean at home. Fill your bathtub with warm, soapy water, and lower the blinds inside. Slowly swirl them around the tub, or gently move them up and down. Be sure to rinse them well after washing to remove any excess soap or leftover grime. Hang them up outside to dry quickly so they don’t drip on your floors.
  • Dust Away – Some cheap or poorly made dusters can scratch or damage your shades or pergolas. If you prefer to use a duster, be sure to get a feather or lamb’s wool duster, as these kinds are soft and scratch-free. Brush the duster up and down on the shade to remove any dust or dirt.

It’s not hard to keep your window shades and motorized louvered pergolas looking great for years to come if you use these cleaning tips. If you want more tips, or have general questions on motorized louvered pergolas, McNeill Palm is here to help. Stop by and visit us or give us a call today.