Easy Home Updates

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You don’t have to do major home renovations to make a difference in your house. In fact, there are tons of ways you can improve your home without any major construction. From getting new windows to adding motorized shades to your home, here are some home renovations you can do without major construction.

You can start by elevating your window treatments. Old window treatments like vertical blinds and expensive wood shutters only bring your home down. But new window treatments like faux-wood shutters or motorized shades? These add style and function. The right window treatment can boost your home’s energy efficiency and help manage the temperature inside your home. You can also have lots of fun choosing new window treatments that suit your function needs and style preferences.

What about new windows? Getting replacement windows for your home will not only make your house more energy efficient and comfortable, but will also improve your home’s value, curb appeal, and style. The best part? It usually only takes a single day to add replacement windows, making the process a simple, quick, and easy way to improve your home.

Don’t forget about hardware. It only takes a few hours to replace the cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, light fixtures, faucets, and other hardware, but this simple upgrade has a big payoff. Replace the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms for some new style. Clutter is ugly and makes your life difficult, especially in storage areas like garages and basements. Luckily, you can quickly and easily declutter these spaces by adding shelving. DIY shelving is easy and fun, and many home improvement stores sell various premade shelving options to make the project even easier. You can even add chains and S-hooks to further maximize the space with personalized storage solutions.

motorized shadesLight bulbs make a big difference, too. Old light bulbs are dim. Plus, they use up lots of unnecessary energy and can drive up your electricity costs. Try replacing old light bulbs with new LED models or halogen incandescent to reduce your energy usage, save money, and have better lighting. It’s not as hard as it may seem to replace light fixtures. You can replace your old light fixtures with newer more energy-efficient models or choose new chandeliers, lamps or globe lights that add fresh style to your home. Take it one step further and add track or recessed lighting for a bright new look that’s also energy efficient.

You can also add a new coat of paint. Brand new kitchen or bathroom cabinets are expensive, but a few coats of new paint can work wonders. You’d be surprised how much a new color and fresh coat of paint will revitalize your kitchen or bathroom.

Little changes here and there add up to a stylish and well-functioning home. You can easily change your windows, boost energy efficiency, brighten up a room, and organize your space in one day or less. Are you looking for more tips on home renovation or motorized shades? We are here to help, so call or visit us today.


Resale Value and Your Home

motorized louvered pergolas

If you were to sell your home now, what would it be worth? Resale value is very important when it comes to real estate investments like homes, so it’s important to keep your house’s resale value how. After all, even though you love your home that doesn’t mean you won’t want to sell it in the future. Use these tips, from focusing on curb appeal and the details to installing motorized louvered pergolas, to boost your resale value:

  1. Upgrade the Outdoors – Who doesn’t love relaxing on a nice porch, reading on a balcony, or playing in a backyard? Appealing outdoor spaces can really boost your home’s value. Plus, if you update your outdoors now you can enjoy it too even before you want to sell. You can try a big project like a new patio or a deck, or start small with easy installations like a firepit, motorized louvred pergola, or nice new paving stones for sitting area. Keep both function and style in mind when creating an outdoor space. Remove old trees for a cleaner look, install sprinklers to keep the grass green, add a fence for privacy and security, build a new shed to house tools, and put finishing touches like flowers on landscaping.
  2. Window Coverings – The right window coverings can make a huge difference in your home’s resale value as they can not only make your home more stylish but also keep it functional and energy efficient. You can add a lot of value with durable and timeless window treatments like shutters. Shutters are both fashionable and functional, and they come in a wide range of finishes, materials, and colors to match your home décor and aesthetic. Plus, shutters last a long time which makes them a good investment in future home value.
  3.  motorized louvered pergolasMaintenance – A well-maintained home is a valuable home, so regular maintenance can go a long way towards making your home more valuable. After all, if an appraiser sees your home is in good condition, he will place it at a higher price point for buyers. All you need to do is a few repairs here and there throughout the year to keep your home’s value high. Plan out your repair timeline to make sure you have the budget, materials and time in order to do your maintenance projects. If you have an older home, be sure to start with bigger projects like replacing the roof, adding new windows, or getting new siding so you make sure you have the budget to do them well. You should also schedule regular maintenance for tricky HVAC systems, plumbing, and appliances to keep them running smoothly.

We are here to help if you want more tips on home renovation or motorized louvred pergolas. Focusing on these ways to boost your home’s value will not only help you be better prepared to sell but will also allow you to enjoy the benefits of living in a well-loved home. Call or visit us today to learn more.

Get Out Your Vacuum

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Rather than putting away your vacuum when you’re finished cleaning your floors, carpets, and rugs, keep it out for a little bit longer. After all, dust and dirt can settle almost anywhere in your house. There are tons of things that could use a little vacuuming, from the bed skirts and brooms to the windowsills and motorized shades:

  1. Motorized ShadesWindow treatments like shades need to be cleaned, too. While dusting them with a clean, soft cloth is good, giving them a once-over with the vacuum is even better. Use a low-suction setting and a brush attachment to avoid damaging the mechanisms. You can also vacuum other window treatments like shutters, curtains and blinds in between washes to keep them dust-free.
  2. Bed Skirts – While you can, and should, put your bed skirts in the washing machine every few months, it’s a big hassle to take them off the bed. Increase the amount of time between full washings by vacuuming your bed skirts with a brush attachment. You might as well get all the dust bunnies under the bed while you’re down there, too.
  3. Knife Blocks – You would be horrified to learn how much dirt, dust, and food leftovers get stuck in your knife block. Use a crevice cleaner attachment on your vacuum to breathe some new clean life into your knife block.
  4. Windowsills – Your windows and windowsills also need vacuum attention. Use a low suction setting to vacuum up dust, dirt and lingering allergens like pollen that may have gotten in when the window was open.
  5. Keyboards – Computer keyboards also seem to attract all kinds of crumbs and dirt. Use a low suction crevice attachment to suck out any debris from on and inside your keyboards.
  6. motorized shadesEntertainment Center – For some crazy reason, electronics gather dust like nothing else. This isn’t just unsightly, it’s also bad for them as dust can damage the small inner components. Turn off all the electronics in your entertainment center and give them a thorough vacuuming at least once a month. Get behind the TV, between the cords, inside speaker ducts, and underneath any gaming systems.
  7. Brooms – You clean your floors with your broom, but what happens to all that hair, dust and other nasty debris that sticks to the broom and doesn’t end up in the dustpan? Rather than spreading it back on your floors the next time you sweep, vacuum it up.
  8. Refrigerator Coils – Your refrigerator coils are what keep your fridge running efficiently, but they get really dirty, really fast. Make sure to vacuum your refrigerator coils at least two times a year. You can find them at the bottom of your fridge in newer models or behind your fridge in older models.

We are here to help if you want more home improvement or motorized shade tips. Stop by and visit us or give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you and your shades.

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