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Motorized shutters

Caring for Motorized Shutters

Shutters are an excellent choice for any house. Motorized shutters offer many benefits in that they look stylish, help save on energy costs and usage, boost home security, and help block out unnecessary sunlight. You obviously want and need your shutters to continue to offer these benefits long after they’re installed. To accomplish this, you should perform regular care and maintenance.

Not only will regular inspection and care keep your motorized shutters clean, but also it will alert you to issues and problems right away so you can fix them before they get worse. Use these tips to help care for and maintain your motorized shutters.

  • Dealing with Dirt – Dirt can build up fast on your window shutters, especially if it’s been windy where you live. You can easily clean away the dirt by wiping them with a damp cloth and mild soap and rinsing them with clean water. Be sure to check the shutter manual or material care page to make sure that they won’t be damaged by the water or soap, as some kinds of wood shutters can be warped by too much moisture or soap.
  • Sunscreen for your Shutters – Your shutters, even if they’re treated with anti-UV products, will fade in the sun over time, making them look old and weather-beaten. You can strip away sun-bleached finish and re-paint them for a cleaner, newer look. You can also invest in new shutters for a fix with less work. Be sure to choose shutters with UV protection to help your shutters last longer.
  • No More Dust – Dust can build up on the inside and outside of shutters and needs to be cleaned away regularly. You can start by gently scrubbing the shutters with a dust wand or soft cloth. You can also remove the shutters for easier access to both sides or use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment for a more thorough cleaning.
  • Regular Cleaning – Dirt, dust and other grime will build up on your shutters without regular cleanings. You can easily clean the outside of your shutters with a hose or pressure washer for a quick, thorough fix. Soap and water also work well, but a small amount of bleach will quickly cut through tougher stains. Don’t be tempted to chip away at dirt clumps with a sharp tool, as you can easily damage the shutters themselves.

You can always choose window shutters made from durable, low maintenance material to reduce the necessity for regular care and cleaning. There are shutter options that are moisture and UV resistant, anti-microbial, and resistant to yellowing, cracking, warping and chipping. You can ask your local window covering expert about your shutter material options.

Motorized shutters

Do you want to learn more about window shutters and how to care for them? McNeill Palm can help. We offer a wide range of motorized shutters and would be happy to help you determine what the best shutters are for your home and your needs. Please visit us or give us a call today for more information.

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