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Can You Mix and Match Window Treatments?

Sometimes homeowners are tempted mix and match window coverings in the same room or around the house. Can you have everything from blinds and drapes to shades and window coverings with Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization in your home?

There really is no specific rule about mixing and matching window coverings. However, you should always use caution when getting creative with your window covering design, and keep these tips in mind:

  • Watch Your Layering – You can definitely layer two window treatments on one window, but you need to be careful that they don’t drown out the room. If you layer properly, you can add lots of interest and texture to a space while maintaining function. For example, you can pair an opaque cellular shade with a sheer curtain to block out light when necessary but still have some privacy when the shade is up. The ideal way to layer on one window is to put decoration over a more permanent or custom treatment, like a window shutter. This way you can change the decorative treatment as you wish, but the function stays the same.
  • One Treatment Per Room – You should not have different window treatments in the same room. Window treatments like shutters help define a space, so having more than one treatment can make a room feel disjointed or awkward. It may be tempting to interchange treatments in large rooms, but its still a better idea to keep things consistent. This can get tricky with modern open floor plan homes. If your intent is to break up the room into several distinct areas, using different coverings might define each space. But proceed with caution.
  • Keep The Same Functional Coverings– One easy way to keep up your curb appeal is to layer all the windows in the house with the same permanent and functional coverings under more unique treatments. Many designers recommend a neutral looking treatment for all their windows, as they enhance curb appeal while being versatile enough to blend into the different styles of each individual room. Try pairing functional coverings with different curtains in separate rooms to keep your windows looking uniform from the curb while allowing each room to have its own personality on the inside.
  • Be Aware of Curb Appeal – There are no rules about using different treatments in different rooms throughout the house. However, many designers recommend using the same or similar treatments all around the home to keep a cohesive design feel. You can use different treatments to make rooms stand out, but when in doubt, go for the same. This is especially true when you consider curb appeal. Homes with matching window treatments look much more uniform and appealing from the street. If you use the same window treatment for all street-facing windows, people see the home as an entity rather than having one window or room stand out too much.

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization

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