Color Is Back: Ultra Violet

Color is back!  Pantone recently announced the shade Ultra Violet as the color of the year.  A rich, vibrant color that Pantone says, “lights the way to what is yet to come.”  We think color is here to stay and we’ll be showcasing how you can incorporate color into your home or work place. Here’s our first color inspiration, Ultra Violet.

color of the yaer pantone 300x241

“The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” – says Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

If Ultra Violet is a bit bold for you try it in a small dose or a few shades lighter.  Many shy away from purple thinking it will be overpowering but when balanced with the right decor it can create a relaxing environment.  On the other spectrum, you may want to make a bold statement with a large furniture piece or stunning drapery showcasing a vibrant purple.  With many varying shades of violets you’re bound to find one that will enhance your space.  We’ve collected a few of our favorite shades of purple to show how diversely beautiful purple can be.

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One of our favorite unexpected pops of color is this stunning AGA range.  Proof that color can be used in all facets of your home.  Choosing this lovely heather shade for the range instantly makes it the centerpiece of the kitchen. The range itself is a beautiful addition and the unexpected color really lets it shine against a fresh, white kitchen.

purple colored range 231x300




Windows Well Dressed: The Blue Room

I am hard pressed to find a more perfect example of timeless design that the photo above.  This photo is The Blue Room at The White House as designed by French Interior Designer Stephane Boudin during the Kennedy administration.  The superior design and execution flows into the wall coverings, enhancing both architecture and interior furnishings.  Maybe you don’t have the budget the White House does, but fortunately, money doesn’t buy good taste.  You can create the same complete look with good planning, selection, and a skilled professional to guide the way.

Jackie Kennedy White House Restoration 002 1024x808


Bands of Light

We all know and love the classic roller shade for the ease and simplicity it offers.  There is a fresh take on the roller shade with the new Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades. The alternating sheer and solid bands combine into one shade providing functionality and style. The Designer Banded Shade is created by looping a piece of fabric over blinds and connecting it at the bottom.  Depending on the fabric you choose it allows for a great solution for glares in office spaces or on televisions.

The Banded Roller Shade shows the innovation that Hunter Douglas continues to offer.  The collection offers a variety of solids, textures, and colors with light-filtering and room darkening options.  You’re in control of the light that enters the room throughout the day making this such a versatile selection for any space.  We love the geometric designs that are subtle but add interest to your window design. The patterns allow for a stylish shade that combines form and function.

bathroom bathtub 1024x682

banded roller shade hunter douglas 1024x785

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