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Bands of Light

We all know and love the classic roller shade for the ease and simplicity it offers.  There is a fresh take on the roller shade with the new Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades. The alternating sheer and solid bands combine into one shade providing functionality and style. The Designer Banded Shade is created by looping a piece of fabric over blinds and connecting it at the bottom.  Depending on the fabric you choose it allows for a great solution for glares in office spaces or on televisions.

The Banded Roller Shade shows the innovation that Hunter Douglas continues to offer.  The collection offers a variety of solids, textures, and colors with light-filtering and room darkening options.  You’re in control of the light that enters the room throughout the day making this such a versatile selection for any space.  We love the geometric designs that are subtle but add interest to your window design. The patterns allow for a stylish shade that combines form and function.

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Light and Shade Dance Through Gracefully Covered Windows

Light and Shade Through Covered Windows

Windows are inspiring. They connect one to the outdoors, allowing light to create ambiance with minute by minute transitions. Often framing astonishing views, architects intentionally position windows to maximize inspiring settings.  As a window covering expert, Brenda Hamrick, owner of McNeill Palm, has tools much like a painter. Your home or office is her canvas. With every canvas, there are new opportunities to “shed light” using tools from her trade.

“The window covering must be functional; regulating light and darkness, reduce glare, protect furnishings and provide privacy. Elegant window coverings should enhance the architecture, and design elements of your home, “says Hamrick. “This is what every fine home deserves.”

Motorization of window shades and treatments made its debut many years ago, but as with all technology, vast improvements have increased motorized shade demand. Demand has also increased resources, making customization much more affordable than in the past. Textures, colors, varying opacities, all the newest materials and options make window coverings limitless.

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With today’s technology, one can simply turn to their mobile device and alter window light with a tap of the fingertip. Long gone are the days of pulleys and strappy distractions.

When building a new home, or remodeling – you should consult a window treatment specialist early in the process. McNeill Palm has over 30 years of experience in interior design.

“It is simple to avoid what can be costly problems if an integrated meeting of respective professionals takes place while building plans are underway. By planning ahead, the client will have the result they envision,” says Hamrick.

McNeill Palm can help you whether you are planning a new home or redesigning your existing home. With limitless possibilities, allow the experienced team at McNeill Palm to dress your home as you envision.

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