Motorized Shutters in Your Bathroom

motorized shutters

You want your bathroom to be filled with lovely sunlight, but you also want your bathroom to be private. That makes finding the right window treatments for your bathroom a bit tricky. Luckily, there are a few different kinds of window treatments, like motorized shutters, that allow you to have both natural light and privacy in the bathroom.

Use this list of bathroom window treatments to inspire your bathroom décor and window design:

  1. Motorized Shutters – Shutters, like planation shutters, give you the best of both natural light and privacy in the bathroom. They are ideal for use in bathrooms for a few reasons, First, you can open the shutters to let in as much light as you can possibly want and then close them again to get the privacy you need in a bathroom. But shutters take things one step further as you can also adjust the louvres to let in natural light while still getting privacy. Second, shutters are great for use in bathrooms as their midrails allow for even more light and privacy customization. A midrail splits a shutter into two sections, a bottom half and a top half, so that you can have one part closed for privacy and the other part open for natural light. Shutters with midrails are especially helpful in bathrooms that have double hung windows as they allow you to open the top portion of your window along with the top slats of your shutter for fresh air that balances with privacy.
  2. Faux Wood Blinds – Faux wood blinds are generally assembled with horizontal slats, almost like shutter louvres. These slats can be adjusted up, down and various points in between to give you some privacy when you need it but also to let in natural light. While there are lots of different kinds of blinds out there to choose from, faux wood blinds are the best choice for use in a bathroom because they can stand up to high levels of humidity and moisture and are very easy to wipe clean.
  3. motorized shuttersCellular Shades – Cellular shades are similar to shutters in that they allow for customization of privacy and light, but they are not made out of hard wood or materials but are instead made out of fabrics for a lighter look. Cellular shades come in top-down and bottom-up varieties so you can the shades upward from the bottom of the window or downward from the top of the window as needed or desired. These window treatments come in tons of different kinds of materials, fabrics and thicknesses to give you even more control over the amount of natural light in your bathroom. Plus, you can also pair shades with curtains for even more style. You can combine cellular shades with semi-sheer decorative curtains for style and still enjoy all the privacy you could ever want in a bathroom.

We are here for you if you want more tips on what kinds of window treatments you should use in your home. Call or visit us today for more information on motorized shutters and more.

Your New Home Office


Lots of people have started working from home, which offers many benefits, like no commutes and lots of sweatpants. But there are also some downsides to working from home, like your home office. Rather than suffer through a bad home office, make it better with these tips from finding a good desk and getting a better chair to installing blinds with motorization:

  1. Get Plenty of Light – It’s no secret that a natural light is good for you. But did you know if can also help boost your mood and concentration? Make sure your home office has plenty of light by installing the right kind of window treatments – like motorized blinds. Blinds allow you to adjust the amount of light coming into the room while also keeping your space private. Motorized blinds are also ideal for controlling the light to fit your needs. Less light for a video meeting? More light for reading up on a new contract or deal? Done and done. Plus, blinds are very stylish and will add to the comfort of your new home office space.
  2. Create a Designated Space – It may be fun and comfortable at first to sit in bed with your laptop, but after a while it will be tough to separate “working” from “off time”. Instead, try choosing a designated workspace in your home. This will not only create helpful and healthy separation but will also help you avoid distractions. You don’t need a whole room, a living room nook, side kitchen table or extra walk-in closet would all work fine.
  3. Get a Desk that Works – Yes, you need a desk. You can’t keep working at the coffee table forever. You need a desk that will fit to your workday needs, not the other way around. If you mostly work from your laptop, a smaller desk or table works. But if you need a monitor or lots of paper, you will need a bigger surface. Choose a desk that works for you and your workday needs.
  4. Buy a Good Chair – Your kitchen chairs are great for a meal or game night, but they won’t do for sitting in all day, five days a week. You need to get a desk chair that is comfortable and suited for working. If you’re feeling fancy you can get an ergonomic desk chair, but if you’re short on space or money you can upgrade an existing chair with some extra back support.

motorizationFinally, you need to figure out what works for you. Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to working from home. Luckily, one of the perks of working from home is getting to customize your workspace to whatever you want and need. But this oftentimes means a little trial-and-error. Don’t be afraid to try something new and move on if it doesn’t work.

Do you want more tips and tricks for your home? As a motorization expert, we are here to help you. Call or visit us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your window treatments.

Summertime Home Improvement Projects

motorized louvered pergolas

Homeowners can’t slack off during the summer. In fact, there are tons of great home improvement projects that are perfect for the summer months. From cleaning your roof to installing new motorized louvered pergolas, here are some ideas for summer home improvement projects:

  • Replace Your Entry Doors – A brand new door might not seem like a big deal, but it can have a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. The process of installing a new door doesn’t take all that long, but its best done in the summertime to avoid letting in drafts and moisture.
  • Install Blinds – While the winter will tell you when blinds need replacing (thank you, drafty winds), the summer is the best time to invest in and install window blinds. The work is easiest on the installation team and homeowners when the weather is mild, plus you’ll notice the energy saving benefits right away when your air conditioning bill goes down.
  • Replace or Repaint Your Siding – The siding on your home makes a big impact on its curb appeal and value, so take advantage of the summer sun to give your siding some love. If you have vinyl siding, give it a good power wash to clear away dirt. If you have wood siding, try repainting it. You can even invest in new siding if you have the budget and the inspiration.
  • Clean, Stain and Protect Your Porch – If you have a wood deck or porch the summer is the time to spruce it up a bit. Cleaning and re-staining your porch can help boost your home’s curb appeal and make sure it lasts another wet season. All you need is a few cans of stain and a few hours of sunshine.
  • Install Motorized Louvered Pergolas – Pergolas are perfect for any yard or outdoor space as they add both shade and style. Motorized pergolas are even better as they’re super easy to operate with a remote control or smart device application.
  • motorized louvered pergolasClean Your Gutters – Summer storms are no joke, so take the time to clean or replace your gutters. A simple cleaning can make a big difference in a rainstorm.
  • Add Outdoor Lighting – Make your deck or porch even better with some outdoor lights. Lanterns, patio lights, or bistro string lights add lovely ambiance to an outdoor space and installing them only takes a few hours.
  • Roof Repairs – The summer is ideal for repairing the roof. Not only do sunny skies make it easier to be up on the roof, but new shingles need the heat. The summer heat helps bond the new shingles to the old ones for a weathertight seal.
  • Upgrade Your Landscaping – Yard work gives you major bang for your buck as a pretty yard can make your home look amazing. A few simple hours of weeding, replanting, and mowing can make a huge difference in curb appeal and even value. Plus, getting out in the sun and caring for your outdoor space is great exercise.

As your motorized louvered pergola expert, we can help if you want more inspiration for your home. Call or visit us today to learn more.

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