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Pergolas and Home Automation

motorized louvred pergolas

Have you ever settled into bed for a good night’s sleep, only to realize you forgot to close the blinds and have to get up again? Thanks to modern home automation, this and many similar problems all fade away. If you’re updating the outdoor space at your home, you should look into finding options that are compatible with home automation systems, like motorized louvred pergolas.

  • Most motorized louvred pergolas have great features like:
  • Smartphone and remote-control use that’s intuitive and user-friendly
  • Numerous styles, shape, size and color options to match your décor and preferences
  • Cordless power for child and pet-friendly use
  • Advanced scheduling controls that help maintain a consistent pergola temperature and reduce energy bills
  • Ability to adjust to the changing sunrise and sunset every day
  • Hidden battery packs and cords for streamlined appearance but simple installation and operation

Motorized louvred pergolas and other automated window options offer tons of incredible benefits that will make your home more comfortable, safe, valuable, and beautiful. First of all, motorized blinds and motorized louvred pergolas are downright convenient. You can raise or lower your blinds and pergolas with a touch of a button, or even through an app on your smart phone or tablet. You can easily control one blind at a time or move the entire set all at once to customize how much or how little light you want to let into a room. They are also convenient as they will help save you the time of closing or opening the sides of your pergola one at a time.motorize louvred pergolas


Motorized louvred pergolas can also help you save on your energy bill. You can set timers through the remote or app to raise or lower the sides depending on the sun if you’re at work, or even out of town on vacation. This added sun blockage will help make your outdoor space cooler in the summer, letting your air conditioner take a break and your energy usage take a dive. Motorized louvred pergolas also work the other way and can be set to open in the winter to allow extra sunlight in to keep your pergola warm and comfortable.


Motorized louvred pergolas aren’t the only home automation option. If you have floor to ceiling windows, or windows that are otherwise hard to reach, motorized blinds are a blessing. You don’t have to get out a stepstool or climb on the windowsill to operate them, as the automation takes care of everything for you. Motorized blinds are also ideal for those with disabilities or the elders, as they make it easier to open and close the window without having to get out of a wheelchair or operate cords.

If you think motorized louvred pergolas and other home automation systems are worth the cost for your home and needs, McNeill Palm. We have years of motorized louvred pergola and home automation experience that we would love to put to use for you and your home. Please pay us a visit or give us a call for more information about what we can do for you.

10 Things to Know About Motorized Shades

motorized shade

If you’re in the market for new window shades for your home, you need to check out motorized shades. These advanced window shades are often not only motorized but are also compatible with other home automation systems to make it easy for you to automate your shades to work in conjunction with your lights, music, and heating and cooling system.


While they may seem like an added expense that you can do without, motorized shades offer a wide range of benefits that can help make your home more safe, comfortable and stylish. Motorized shades offer benefits including the following:

  • Increased Privacy and Energy Efficiency – You can easily program motorized shades to go down during the afternoons when you’re not home to reduce solar heat gain and take some of the pressure off of your air conditioner. You can also program them to go down at night to keep your privacy intact without a second thought.
  • Security – A prospective burglar or intruder would be deterred if he sees window treatments moving throughout the day, as it would make it seem like someone is as home.
  • Appearance – Motorized shades don’t have any need for unsightly cords or pulleys, giving your window treatments a more streamlined, clean appearance.
  • Variety – The popularity of motorized shades means that they are available in an almost unlimited number of colors and fabrics. There’s a motorized shade for every home.
  • Different Shapes – There is also a motorized shade for every window, as they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can also be customized to fit any window.motorized shades
  • Peaceful Motors – Modern technology makes the motors whisper quiet, making the windows almost noise-free. This same technology also allows for precision, making it easy for you to partially open or close the shade.
  • Power Options – You can choose to have the motors be powered by AC and batteries alike, making it easy for you to put motorized shades anywhere in your home.
  • Alternative Uses – Motorized shades aren’t just for windows. You can hang them as room dividers, or to cover a home theater movie screen when not in use.
  • Safety – Without cords and pulleys, there’s nothing for kids and pets to get tangled up in. Choose motorized shades for increased safety.
  • Creativity – You can easily combine different kinds of shades and shades for a unique look that’s specific to your home and style. You can mix and match sheers and drapes, or pair Roman shades with blackout curtains.

If these benefits have piqued your interest and you want to learn more about motorized shades, contact McNeill Palm. We have years of experience in the industry that we would be happy to put at your disposal. You can visit our showroom to see some motorized shade options in person, including many different kinds of motorized shades that offer these benefits and more. Please give us a call today for more information about what we can do for you and your home.

What to Think About Before Choosing Motorized Shutters

motorized shutters

Window shutters actually mean a lot for a house. From style and design to energy efficient and even temperature control, they make a big difference. That’s why it can be stressful to choose new motorized shutters for your home. However, before you get overwhelmed, use this list of what to think about before choosing your motorized window shutters to help you be more prepared to find the best window shutters for your home.

  • Light Control – No one likes TV glare or sun-bleached furniture. Motorized shutters play a huge part in light control for your home. You can choose light filtering shutters that just minimize the light coming in, or blackout treatments that totally block light when closed. Window shutters with operable slats are also a good choice as they allow you to customize light control on a daily basis. You can tilt the slats open to allow some light to come in or close them completely for total light control. Definitely think about what kind of light control you want your new window shutters to have.
  • Window Shape – It’s easy to change a lot of things around your house, but window shape is not one of them. It’s imperative to find widow shutters that fit and compliment your home’s window shape. There are tons of window shutters that fit window shapes from classic rectangular to custom arched on the market. You can even custom-design and build window shutters to fit your specific needs and design wishes.motorized shutter
  • Insulation – Every home needs insulation, no matter the weather or the climate. The hot and humid days oftentimes make your air conditioner work overtime, but the right window shutters can help. About 25% of the cost, it takes to cool your home is from energy loss out your windows, but there are excellent shutters options that can knock that number down. For example, cellular motorized shutters provide superb extra insulation due to their honeycomb shape. Insulation is always a factor when buying new window shutters.
  • Appearance – You can never discount the importance of style, and your window shutters are a big part of that. The right window shutters can give you traditional clean lines or vibrant hints of color to perfectly compliment your décor. Think about what your home style is, to find window shutters to perfectly match.
  • Cost – We can’t trick ourselves into thinking that budgets aren’t important, even when it comes to window shutters. Affordability is a key factor when finding window shutters. Materials, sizes and time constraints all have an effect on the cost of window shutters. Think about what you want to spend on your new window shutters.

Buying new motorized shutters doesn’t have to be stressful or scary. If anything, it should be fun! Trust McNeill Palm to help you find the best motorized shutters for your home. Our motorized shutter experts are here to assist you so you can get the shutters you’ve always wanted. Stop by and visit us or give us a call today.