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Best Window Shutters for Hurricane Protection

Hurricane protection window shutters in Destin, FL come in several different styles. Hurricane season typically begins near the beginning of June and lasts until the end of November. With five months out of twelve in the potential crosshairs of these powerful and destructive storms, Florida residents should always look for ways to ensure their homes are as well protected as they possibly can be.

Window shutters are part of that protection. Some window shutters are better for protecting against the damaging effect of hurricanes than other window shutters are.

One type of window shutters that’s very effective for hurricane protection are rolling window shutters. Rolling window shutters roll up to open and roll down to close. When they are not being used to help protect your home from hurricanes, rolling window shutters also provide more privacy and insulation for your home.

Another type of window shutters that are recommended for providing protection for your home from hurricanes is fabric storm panels. These window shutters are installed as needed (i.e., when a hurricane landfall is imminent). They simply need to be measured to fit the windows, cut to size, and installed for the duration of the hurricane. Because these window shutters are made from fabric, they do allow some light in your home, so that the house is not completely dark during daylight hours. After the storm has passed, fabric storm panels can be removed, rolled up, and stored until needed again.

If you haven’t had permanent hurricane window shutters installed yet, and a hurricane is approaching, temporary storm panels ensure that your house has some protection from the winds that accompany hurricanes. Temporary storm panels are made from polycarbonate, steel, or aluminum. These hurricane protection window shutters will require hardware so that they can be mounted on windows and doors.

Colonial window shutters are installed on each exterior side of windows your home’s windows. They have hinges that allow you to open and close them. When the weather is clear, they can be opened, making them look like and function as typical exterior window shutters. However, when hurricanes are approaching, each shutter can be closed inward to cover the window and protect it from potential damage.

Another type of window shutters that offers good hurricane protection is Bermuda window shutters (also known as Bahama window shutters). These window shutters are comprised on a single shutter that covers the entire window. They are hinged at the top, so the entire shutter can be opened (much like an awning) upward when the weather is good, and shut tightly to protect windows when there are hurricanes. Because Bermuda window shutters function in a way that’s similar to a window awning, these shutters can be lifted to provide extra shade and keep sunlight from coming directly in through windows, keeping the interior of your home cooler during hot weather.

Accordion shutters can be used on windows or sliding glass doors to provide protection from the damaging effects of hurricanes. These shutters are permanently attached to the side of the window or sliding glass door. When accordion shutters are not in use, they are folded up beside the window or sliding glass door; when a hurricane landfall is imminent, they are manually unfolded across the window or sliding glass and secured. Since they can look a bit bulky when they are not in use, accordion shutters work best with oversized windows and wide, sliding doors.

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