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Best Material for Plantation Window Shutters

When you’re considering plantation window shutters in Panama City Beach, FL, there will be many things that will go into the final choice you make before your plantation window shutters are installed in your home. These things include your home’s décor, the sizes of the windows in your home, and where you live.

Plantation window shutters are manufactured with many types of materials. Because southern Florida has a warm, humid climate year-round, the material you choose for your plantation window shutters will be a very important part of your final selection process.

All plantation window shutters have two things in common: they come in panels that can be opened and each panel has very wide louvers which can be operated independently. But the one thing that can differ is what material is used to manufacture the plantation window shutters.

So, what are generally considered the most durable and versatile materials that plantation window shutters can be manufactured in?

One material used to manufacture plantation window shutters is Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). This material is very popular with homeowners because of its resistance to heat and to moisture. The only downside to PVC plantation window shutters is that the louvers can’t be decorated because the edges have sealing caps on them.

Another material that is very popular for plantation window shutters is foamed synthetics. Foamed synthetic plantation window shutters are non-toxic, and they are fire-resistant and water-resistant. Aluminum braces are included in these plantation window shutters to keep them from sagging. They are available in many different colors and designs.

What also makes these plantation window shutters a very good choice is that because of the foam, they add more insulation to your windows, and they will help keep your home’s internal temperature more comfortable and will help lower your energy bills.

Medium density fiber (MDF) is another material that is used to manufacture plantation window shutters. Medium density fiber is a glue-sawdust mixture that is pliable enough to be formed into any shape, so they can be an ideal choice for plantation window shutters.

You can choose to have wood, vinyl-wrapped, or painted finishes with MDF plantation window shutters. MDF plantation window shutters have an advantage over standard wood plantation window shutters because they are more water-resistant and warp-resistant.

However, if you choose MDF plantation window shutters in south Florida, it’s advisable to have them vinyl wrapped so they are better able to withstand the higher humidity we experience down here throughout the year.

Plantation window shutters can also be manufactured with composite wood. Composite wood can be manufactured from a single type of wood or from a combination of different types of wood. These plantation window shutters are engineered to be incredibly sturdy and durable, so they are a very good option when you are looking at plantation window shutters as a long-term investment.

They are also a better option than just plain wood because of the longevity that is built into them. Composite wood plantation window shutters are available in different shapes and colors so you can find that perfect fit into your existing décor or to upgrade the style of your home.

Plantation window shutters can also be manufactured in different types of real wood, including alder, cedar, and basswood. Although they are more susceptible to moisture, our window shutters experts can give you advice about how to protect them.

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