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Shopping for Window Coverings

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Shopping for a window covering in Miramar Beach, FL for every window in your home can be an exciting adventure in transforming and updating the look of your home. Window coverings are the most overlooked, in many cases, feature in homes. Yet, they play a critical role in the lighting, the security, the privacy, and the energy efficiency of your home.


Therefore, when you’re shopping for new window coverings, there are several things that you should keep in mind so that when your new window coverings are installed, you’ve got the right ones for every window in your home.


The first thing to consider when you’re shopping for new window coverings is what you’ve budgeted to spend on the whole project. Be sure to have a realistic and affordable budget for all the window coverings in your home before you ever step foot in a window covering company.


When you have a budget before you start shopping, you can communicate that to your window covering company representative so that they can work with you to find the right window coverings for your home, while staying within the budget that you’ve set.


The next consideration when you are shopping for new window coverings is your personal taste. What styles of window coverings appeal to you? What materials do you like? How do you envision them working within the existing décor of your home or within the new décor that you are creating in your home.


From window shutters, window blinds, and window shades, your choice of window coverings is almost infinite. There are different flavors of each of these styles of window coverings, made in several types of materials, and available in a variety of colors.


If there is a primary style of window covering that you’d like to use throughout your home, then narrow the selection down to material it is manufactured with and color(s). If you want to mix and match different kinds of window covering styles in your home, go shopping with the knowledge of exactly what style, material, and color of window covering you want for each window in your home.


This way, you can communicate your preferences to your window covering company representative, and, working within your budget, they can present you with appropriate choices.


Not all window covering companies are the same. While you may shop at several different window covering companies in your initial foray into working on this project, eventually you will choose the one that you trust most in helping you with your selections, installing your window coverings properly, and backing up their service warranties after the installation.


But what should you look for in a window covering company that will build your trust in them?


First, look for knowledge and expertise from the window covering company employees. Window coverings have seen a lot of technological advances in the last several decades, and you want employees who have the training and understanding to explain how the window coverings work and how they can be integrated into your home.


Next, look for attention to detail. This can include making sure that all your personal taste specifications are met, making sure that accurate measurements are done on each window in your home, and making sure that your window coverings are installed perfectly – the first time.

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Finally, look for great customer service. No matter whether you are meeting with company employees for the first time or you have questions after installation, customer service should be exemplary.


If you’d like learn more about shopping for a window covering in Miramar Beach, FL, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm.

What Blackout Window Shades Provide

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You are in the process of getting new window shades in Destin, FL. Before you finalize your selection, you should think about what blackout window shades can provide for your home.

Blackout window shades work very well to provide just the right environment for quality sleep. In a society where poor sleep and sleep deprivation are more and more common, getting quality sleep is often a challenge.

Blackout window shades can help you and your family overcome that challenge. You or another family member may work at night and need to sleep during the day when light from outside is abundant. Blackout window shades, which block outside light from coming inside your home, will create the perfect sleeping conditions in your bedrooms.

You may have young children who need to nap during the day. If you’re having trouble getting them to lie down for their naps and actually go to sleep, it may be because there is too much light – which is stimulating – coming into the bedrooms where they are supposed to be napping. Blackout window shades will create a nighttime-like atmosphere for your little ones and encourage the naps they – and you – so desperately need for them to take.

You may live in a home where there is abundant light outside at night. If you live in the heart of a city, you will have more outside light at night. If you live on a busy roadway, you will have a lot of outside light at night. If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of streetlights, you will have a lot of outside light at night.

Outside light at night can also be responsible for poor sleep or lack of sleep. Blackout window shades can block all those night lights out and give you the dark environment that will induce restful and refreshing sleep.

Blackout window shades give you the highest amount of light control in a room. While you can’t completely block out all light, Hunter Douglas blackout window shades are made out of room darkening fabrics and feature blackout options that enable you to make a room as dark as is possible.

Blackout window shades block light well because they are made out of thicker fabrics and opaque materials. The opaque materials can be anything from hardwood, vinyl, fabric, or hybrid woods. These materials maximize light control by blocking all light from coming into a room.

There are also customizable options for blackout window shades that can enhance the room darkening ability of the window shades.

Almost any window shade can be customized to provide room darkening capability. If want a window shade fabric that is thin, you can chose to have a blackout liner added to it to give it blackout capability.

Blackout window shades provide much more than just light control. Because they are made out of heavier materials or have a unique construction design like cellular window shades, blackout window shades also provide an excellent extra layer of insulation for your home.

window shade 300x180You may have older windows installed in your home that are not as energy efficient as newer windows. If you’re not in a position to invest in replacement windows, then blackout window shades can make your older windows much more energy efficient.

You will feel more comfortable inside your home and use less energy. In turn, you will delighted to see the savings on your energy costs as a result.

If you’d like to learn more about blackout window shades in Destin, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm.

How Window Shutter Help with Home Comfort

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You may not think about window shutters in Destin, FL when you’re thinking about the comfort of your home, but window shutters can play an important role in keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. One advantage that window shutters can provide, when done simultaneously with other changes in your home, is a cooler and more comfortable interior temperature.

When the Florida sun is beating down on your home during the summer, you may be dismayed to discover that some of the rooms in your homes are hot and uncomfortable. You may instinctively want to lower your thermostat to cool down these rooms.

However, before you adjust your thermostat, which can cost you a lot of extra money in energy costs, there are some simple things you can do to your home to make it cooler and more comfortable.

You can make the rooms in your home less stuffy by changing from incandescent lighting to LED lighting. You probably don’t realize that electric lighting is a major source of heat in your home. Incandescent and halogen light bulbs produce significantly more heat than LED light bulbs.

When you have a lot of incandescent and/or halogen light bulbs turned, your room temperature will be noticeably hotter. LED light bulbs offer an energy efficient alternative. LED lights use much less electricity, so they create far less heat than incandescent or halogen lights. Therefore, using LED lights will both make your home cooler and save you money in power costs.

Another way that you can have a cooler home is to have plantation window shutters installed. Plantation window shutters give you a lot of control over how much light and how much heat from the outside is allowed into rooms. When your plantation window shutters are closed, they create great insulation system for your windows that keeps cool interior air inside and keeps hot summer air outside.

With plantation window shutters, you can effectively increase the insulation around every window in your home, no matter what time of year it is or what the temperature outside is.

Not only do plantation window shutters offer great insulation that helps you maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, but they are very durable, so they last longer than many other types of window coverings.

Plantation window shutters also have the advantage of being easily incorporated with almost any decorating style.

Another easy change to make in your home to keep it cooler during the summer is to have all the interior doors open. Having all the interior doors in your home open during the summer will maximize the cooling of your home. Cooling is accomplished when air flow is flowing freely throughout your home.

When you are cooling your home, air must be able freely flow through the home to keep all the rooms comfortable. When interior doors are closed, air flow gets disrupted. Cooler air is forced outside your home because closed interior doors create pressure points. This means some rooms will be hotter than others during the summertime.

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On extremely hot days, you can get more cooling out of your HVAC system by simply putting tower fans in front of all the air vents in your home. You’ll need to set your thermostat to a few degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Then place the fans as close to the air vents as possible and they will cool the HVAC’s cool area by another four degrees.

If you’d like learn more about plantation window shutters in Destin, FL, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm.