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What to Think About Before Choosing Motorized Shutters

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Window shutters actually mean a lot for a house. From style and design to energy efficient and even temperature control, they make a big difference. That’s why it can be stressful to choose new motorized shutters for your home. However, before you get overwhelmed, use this list of what to think about before choosing your motorized window shutters to help you be more prepared to find the best window shutters for your home.

  • Light Control – No one likes TV glare or sun-bleached furniture. Motorized shutters play a huge part in light control for your home. You can choose light filtering shutters that just minimize the light coming in, or blackout treatments that totally block light when closed. Window shutters with operable slats are also a good choice as they allow you to customize light control on a daily basis. You can tilt the slats open to allow some light to come in or close them completely for total light control. Definitely think about what kind of light control you want your new window shutters to have.
  • Window Shape – It’s easy to change a lot of things around your house, but window shape is not one of them. It’s imperative to find widow shutters that fit and compliment your home’s window shape. There are tons of window shutters that fit window shapes from classic rectangular to custom arched on the market. You can even custom-design and build window shutters to fit your specific needs and design wishes.motorized shutter
  • Insulation – Every home needs insulation, no matter the weather or the climate. The hot and humid days oftentimes make your air conditioner work overtime, but the right window shutters can help. About 25% of the cost, it takes to cool your home is from energy loss out your windows, but there are excellent shutters options that can knock that number down. For example, cellular motorized shutters provide superb extra insulation due to their honeycomb shape. Insulation is always a factor when buying new window shutters.
  • Appearance – You can never discount the importance of style, and your window shutters are a big part of that. The right window shutters can give you traditional clean lines or vibrant hints of color to perfectly compliment your décor. Think about what your home style is, to find window shutters to perfectly match.
  • Cost – We can’t trick ourselves into thinking that budgets aren’t important, even when it comes to window shutters. Affordability is a key factor when finding window shutters. Materials, sizes and time constraints all have an effect on the cost of window shutters. Think about what you want to spend on your new window shutters.

Buying new motorized shutters doesn’t have to be stressful or scary. If anything, it should be fun! Trust McNeill Palm to help you find the best motorized shutters for your home. Our motorized shutter experts are here to assist you so you can get the shutters you’ve always wanted. Stop by and visit us or give us a call today.

Popular Window Treatments for Bedrooms


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so naturally, you want it to look and feel great. One easy and fun way to make your bedroom the best it can be is by choosing and installing new window treatments, especially those with motorization. Window treatments are important for your bedroom since they provide necessary privacy, control the temperature and help you adjust the lighting for sleeping or relaxing.

There are so many choices when it comes to window treatments. Use this list of popular bedroom window blind and treatment options to help you better decide what you want and need when it comes to your bedroom.

  • Curtains – Probably the most common bedroom window treatment, curtains come in a wide range of colors, styles, and even shapes. You can easily add a pop of color, taste of pattern or shot of style to your bedroom with the right curtain. Curtains are generally made of lighter fabric than drapes, but they are oftentimes more affordable, too. Despite the light fabric, curtains can help you block out light when it’s time to sleep, and even keep the air-conditioned air in your house during the hot, Tampa days.
  • Shades – Shades are a great window treatment option for every room in your home, not just the bedroom. They come in almost limitless materials and colors and go with tons of different decorating styles. Shades are, in the simplest form, and piece of fabric cut to the window size and attached to a frame or rod that is then fastened to the top of the window frame. Shades can be pulled up or down with a roller or pulley system. There are lots of different types of shades like roller, Roman, solar, pleated, balloon, cellular and bamboo.motorizations
  • Blinds – Blinds are oftentimes the simplest way to go for a bedroom window treatment. Streamlined, effective and affordable, blinds add privacy and block out sunlight. You can choose blinds from a wide array of materials like vinyl, metal or wood to better match your décor and budget needs. Blinds work in a myriad of ways including tilting open with louvers or slats or lifting opening with a cord. You can hang blinds vertically or horizontally depending on window size.
  • Cascades and Swags – Looking for a bit more drama or elegance in your bedroom window treatment? Cascades and swags will do just the trick. Both are types of valances and are paired with another window treatment that provides light blocking and privacy. Swags are hung horizontally over a curtain rod in fold or drapes. Cascades hang down the sides of a window treatment and usually touch the floor. Both swags and cascades go great with curtains and shades.
  • Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization – Adding motorization to your chosen window treatments will give you the power to move them into whatever position you want. You can control the treatments using the PowerView App or the Pebble Remote Control, so you don’t even need to get out of bed to get the light control or privacy you want.

Want to learn more about motorization and other window treatments for your bedroom? Contact McNeill Palm by visiting us or giving us a call today.

Use Your Tax Refund on Your Home

motorized louvred pergolas

Getting your tax refund is like getting a welcome cash influx that you can use for anything you want. From energy efficient lights to installing new motorized louvred pergolas on your home, here are some home improvements that you can use your tax refund on.

  1. Invest in New Windows – Your old windows aren’t just unsightly; they’re also probably costing you money. Most old windows are drafty and leaky, which can cause your HVAC system to work overtime and your electric bill to skyrocket. So why not put your tax refund to good use by using it to install replacement windows? Replacement windows will not just look good, they’ll also save you money in the long run through energy savings and might also increase the value of your home.
  2. Score New Window Shades – If you’re getting new window, why not finish the job and get some new window treatments, too? Most tax refunds are enough to cover the cost of new treatments like shades, blinds or shades so you can upgrade your style and your energy efficiency at the same time.
  3. Motorized Louvred Pergolas – Allow fresh air, sunshine, breezes and all the wonderful things about the great outdoors into your outdoor seating area while maintaining control with a motorized louvred pergola.
  4. Install Energy Efficient Lights – Use your tax refund to change out your lighting fixtures to be more energy efficient. Replace outdated tray lights with efficient LEDs or install some motion detectors to make sure the lights aren’t left on when they’re not in use.
  5. Get Energy Efficient Appliances – Another way you can use your tax refund to make your home more energy efficient is to invest in your kitchen appliances. A few one-time appliance purchases can make a big difference in the amount of energy your kitchen uses. Plus, new appliances look great and work even better. To be sure you’re getting energy efficient models, look for Energy Star labeled appliances. Also, don’t forget to measure the spaces! The last thing you want is to bring home a new dishwasher or refrigerator and not have it fit.


If you get a smaller tax refund, there are still tons of smaller renovations that will put that money towards good use like:

  • Updating the drawer pulls and doorknobs for a fresh look
  • Replacing the bathroom faucets and showerheads with modern, stylish models
  • Adding Smart Home automations like smart plugs, smart lights, voice-activated assistants and smart speakers


While many people dread the act of doing their taxes, at least there’s a silver lining: tax refunds. Whether you’re looking for something that’s simple and stylish or a project that’s large and everlasting, there are tons of things you can do with your tax refund to put the money to good use.

motorize louvred pergolas

McNeill Palm is here to help if you want more tips on home improvement or information on motorized louvred pergolas. We offer a wide range of services intended to help you make your home the very best they can be. Stop by and visit us or give us a call today to learn more.