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All About Cordless Blinds Window Treatment

Cordless blind window treatments are the latest innovations in window coverings. Not only do cordless blinds and shades offer beauty, safety, and peace of mind for homeowners, they also have many benefits that make them an optimal choice for a window treatment.

The first thing you might ask is how cordless window treatments actually function, since cords are an integral parts of blinds. Here’s the lowdown. Blinds and shades are strung on cords, but cords aren’t required to tilt them or raise them. While cordless blinds have cords inside them because they must have something to hang on, the mechanism for opening and closing them and raising and lowering them is what makes cordless blinds unique and safer.

Before the creation of cordless blinds and shades, they were controlled by cords that hung freely and worked like a pulley system. One problem with this kind of blind was that small children and pets were attracted to them and sometimes get caught up in the cords injuring themselves or, in rare instances, died.Between 2012 and 2017, 50 children died as a result of cords on window treatments.

With cordless window treatments, that problem is solved in one of two ways. Some cordless blinds and shades have a safety lock button on the top or bottom rail that, when pushed, releases the string tension in the blinds so that you can raise or lower them to your desired position where they’ll stay when the button is released. Other types of cordless blinds just require you to gently lift the bottom rail to the desired position and a lip in the middle of the bottom rail will catch the slat and hold the blinds in place.

Both the industry and the federal government consider the danger unacceptable and have established new standards to keep these cords away from our children. As of December 15, 2018, products that consumers can pick up in a retail store or order online as ready-made will not contain hazardous cords. This mandate is in compliance with the ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018 standard. Since the cords have been eliminated, the new blinds make your home safer for small children and pets. But there are more reasons why you should insist on cordless blinds or shades as a window treatment.

Cordless blinds and shades give your home a clean, uniform, and modern look, because they all operate the same way. Additionally, cordless blinds and shades are much simpler to operate

These window treatments come in numerous colors &styles from which to choose. Slat styles range from thin to wide, so you can create the customized look that perfectly suits your home and your taste.

Does your room have a lot of windows? This is an excellent solution! Even if the windows are various shapes and sizes, cordless blinds and shades will give them a consistent look. They are also an excellent choice for focal windows, such as bay or picture windows. When cordless blinds are retracted, absolutely nothing obstructs the view

There are, however, exceptions. The following situations are only a good choice for cordless blinds and shades if you choose a motorized option. These are: 1. Exceptionally wide windows over 120” in width. 2. Homeowners with limited lifting ability. 3. Windows too high to be accessible.

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