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All About Bamboo Window Shades

Bamboo window shades are popular because they create a stunning effect that can highlight the décor of any room. Because of their dark wood look and their matte finish, they can be an attractive offset to a room that is a light color or to a room where furniture or pieces of art have a dark wood stain.  

Bamboo window shades are also popular because they are versatile and can be used throughout a home, whether they are adding a natural look to a den, a professional look to a home office or study, or an elegant touch to a bedroom that has light or neutral tones.  

Most people believe that all bamboo window shades are room-darkening (favored by people with light sensitivity and people who need to sleep during the day because they work at night). Some bamboo window shades are made with thick bamboo and blackout liners, but not all bamboo shades are made that way. Bamboo windows shades also come in styles that allow light filtering. This makes bamboo shades a very versatile choice because they come in styles that accommodate areas in the house that need privacy or room-darkening and other areas where light filtering is preferred.  

Bamboo window shades can give any room texture and depth. They can be used with any type of flooring, whether hardwood, carpet, vinyl, or ceramic and they will complement the flooring instead of clashing with them. That makes them a top choice for homeowners who are looking for something other than standard blinds, more traditional window shades, or curtains.  

While many people prefer the natural wood look of bamboo window shades, they are available in a many different colors – from very light to very dark – which means that you can actually use different colors throughout your home to match the design and décor of any room.  

Bamboo window shades are also ecologically-friendly. Bamboo is a natural wood that is renewable – bamboo forests can be grown to full maturity in just a few years – and bamboo window shades are made using the entire tree. Bamboo window shades bring nature inside and they are a common choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners.  

Bamboo window shades are available with a variety of lift options. The standard lift option for is a cord that rolls the window shade up and down. However, continuous loop cord lifts – which are recommended for shades that are wider than 72″ – are also available. Additionally, you can customize the shades to have a top down bottom up lift operation, which gives you maximum light control. Finally, bamboo window shades have a cordless lift option, which is recommended for safety in homes with small children and pets.  

You can also get bamboo window shades with an inside or outside mount, which allows you to choose how to install the window shades on your windows. The outside window shade mount is nice because you’re not confined by window size. You can use a bamboo window shade with an outside mount to make smaller windows look bigger, which is a nice feature in rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms where windows are traditionally smaller.  

Bamboo window shades are very easy to maintain. Cleaning is minimal and involves just a feature duster or soft cloth to clean them on a regular basis.   

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