Motorized louvered pergolas

Advantages of Motorized Louvered Pergolas

Motorized louvered pergolas in Miramar Beach, FL give you greater functionally than louvered pergolas that have to be manually adjusted. There are many advantages to having a motorized louvered pergola installed at your home.


Louvered pergolas are adjustable sheltering systems for patios that give you the opportunity to spend time outside gathering with friends and family when the weather is nice, without having to worry about excessive sunlight or sudden rain showers sending everyone scurrying back into the house.


When you have a motorized louvered pergola installed, you will immediately be impressed with how much easier it is to optimize its functionality.


Two advantages that you’ll have with a motorized louvered pergola are greater comfort and better ventilation. Let’s face it. Sometimes the most beautiful summer days in Florida aren’t ideal for being outside because the high humidity can make the heat oppressive.


Louvered pergolas are very popular in Florida because they provide a cooler, shaded shelter that makes it more bearable to be outside even on the hottest and most humid days of summer. However, to get the maximum amount of coolness with shading and ventilation, your louvered pergola should be motorized.


With motorization, instant adjustments to shade and ventilation can be made so everyone is comfortable from the intense glare and heat of the sun and with the maximum amount of airflow from the ocean breezes that make their way through the space underneath the louvered pergola.


Motorized louvered pergolas have the advantage of versatility. The roof of the louver pergola can be completely opened, or you can have the roof closed and simply angle, with exact precision, the louvers so that you have complete light control.


Motorized louvered pergolas can also have a rain sensor installed in them so that they close as soon as moisture is detected. You don’t have to do anything. This is a great feature because even in the instant it takes you to push a button, you and your guests can get drenched by a heavy rain shower.


Other shading systems like umbrellas and retractable awnings do not prevent moisture from coming under the areas they cover. Therefore, you are limited as to what kind of extra equipment and features you can include under those spaces.


Motorized louvered pergolas have the advantage of providing a completely dry area underneath them. Because of that, you can install things like ceiling fans (which will enhance the movement of air), televisions, and heating solutions for wintertime.


Optionally, you can also install retractable screens, lighting, and even misting systems that will add an extra element of coolness on hot summer days.


Motorized louvered pergolas also offer the advantage of smart integration with the rest of the smart technology in your home. This means that you can use any of your digital devices to control the louvered pergola, no matter where you are.


The enhanced functionality of motorized louvered pergolas lets you plan events far in advanced without stressing about what the weather on the day of the event will be. Additionally, motorized louvered pergolas can more than double how much you can use your home’s outdoor space, because you don’t have the limitations in unsheltered areas.


Motorized louvered pergolasFlorida is a fun place to live all year long. With a typically moderate climate during the winter and the advantages of sea breezes to cool things off during the winter, Floridians can spend more time outdoors than most of the rest of the nature.


Having a motorized louvered pergola installed at your home will ensure that you have the perfect outdoor space where you can spend your time outside with family and friends.


If you’d like to learn more about motorized louvered pergolas in Miramar Beach, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm.

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