Different Kinds of Windows for Your Window Shades

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If you’re building a new home or installing motorized shades, you need to know what window styles go best in which parts of a home. While there are many different kinds of windows that look great with shades, whether motorized or not, here are some of the most popular window styles and where you should put them:

  • Hopper – Hinged at the bottom, hopper windows tilt inward to allow airflow from all three sides. They’re most commonly used in garages, basements, and, when placed high on walls, in bathrooms where extra ventilation is helpful but privacy is important.
  • Awning – Unlike other windows that open out, in or to the side, awning windows are hinged at the top and open up. They generally allow air in from the left, right and bottom for maximum venting. Where do they go best? Awning windows are ideal for use in a pair with a picture window or in sunrooms that have lots of windows.
  • Slider/Glider/Rolling – This family of windows operate on a track and move either to the left or to the right in the frame. and open left or right within the frame. Since they have a modern look, they’re best used in contemporary homes or ranch-style houses that suit a more horizonal shape.
  • Double-Hung – Double-hung windows have two sashes that move vertically. These windows can be opened from the top or the bottom since the screen is hung on the outside of the window. Since double-hung windows come in almost every size, they’re extremely versatile. However, they’re most often used alone rather than in groups or pairings.
  • Bay or Bow – These windows stick out from the side of the house. Bay windows are generally made of large windows flanked by smaller windows in 30–40-degree angles. Bow windows are more circular as they are usually made of small or narrow windows at 10–20-degree angles. Since bay and bow windows look so great from both the inside and the outside of a home, they’re best used at the front of a house where passersby can admire them. They also work well in rooms where you want addition space or storage from window seats and bench storage.
  • Casement – These windows open outward with a hand crank and usually have a screen hung on the inside. Since they open outward, they are harder to break into, making them ideal for use on first floors, basements, and had to reach places like above a sink or a countertop.
  • Picture/Transom – The term “picture” refers to a window that doesn’t open, since it serves only as decoration and a light source. Transoms are narrow or thin windows that are usually paired with doors or above other windows to let in more light. Both of these windows work well wherever you need more light in your home or in hard-to-reach places since they don’t open.

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These are just a few window styles and their best uses. Do you want to learn more about motorized shades, windows, and where to put them? We are here to help.

Bedroom Décor Tips

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Are you looking to revamp your bedroom this year? You might need a little inspiration as to what kinds of decorative items you choose. This list is here to help! From playing with texture and pattern to adding new motorized shutters, here are top bedroom décor tips for 2021:

  1. Natural Light – Our bodies follow the rhythm of the sun, so we need natural light where we sleep. Make sure your bedroom is getting the light it needs by investing in new windows and proper window treatments like motorized shutters that let you open and close the louvres from the comfort of your bed.
  2. Earth Tones – What’s more relaxing than a soothing sage green, balmy beige, or warm sand? Make your bedroom a true oasis by filling it with calming earth tones. You can always add pops of color and interest with throw pillows, blankets, art, or accent furniture, but try and keep the big items neutral.
  3. Form and Function – Bedrooms need to be both stylish and functional, so look for pieces that are all about making your life easier. Smart home pieces like remote-controlled window treatments or voice-activated lights are always a good choice, while multi-tasking pieces such as storage beds are sure to be a hit.
  4. Play with Pattern – Painted murals, wallpaper and large canvases are big right now, even in bedrooms. Instead of choosing a bold color for an accent wall, choose a bold print. Temporary wallpapers are great for achieving this look without as much commitment.
  5. Natural Materials – Natural materials like rattan and wicker were big in the 90s, and they are back! Not only do these materials offer up different textures, but they also lend a casual yet refined air to a space. Look for wicker baskets or light fixtures or choose rattan furniture like chairs or ottomans.
  6. Cerused Wood – Cerused wood, or whitewashed wood, is all the rage this year. This wood is made by covering wood with a cream or a wax to highlight the wood grain details while making the color a uniform white or beige. There are tons of different Cerused wood shades to choose from, from dark grey to pure white.
  7. Bold, Thoughtful Lighting – You need your bedroom lighting to be just as beautiful as is it functional. Wall sconces are great for adding style and purposeful lighting for reading, and chandeliers over beds are always going to boost elegance.
  8. Texture is Key – Smooth velvets, soft suede, nubby boucle, and other textured fabrics are coming back with a vengeance in 2021. It’s all about creating a layered vibe with lots of varying textures in coordinated tones or colors. A great place to add texture is with bedding, since you can mix and match fabrics in pillows and comforters or duvets. Use at least two textures, but more than that will have an even bigger impact.

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It’s easy to make your bedroom the best it can be with these tips and our help. Do you want more décor ideas or information on motorized shutters? We are here to help. Call or visit us today to learn more.


Are Motorized Shutters Still Stylish?

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You can dress your windows almost any way you want, from adding blinds to motorized shutters. Window shutters have been around for a long time, and many homeowners wonder if they’re still in style. Are window shutters, specifically plantation shutters, still in style?

Yes! No matter what décor style your home has, there are so many different kinds of shutters that you’ll certainly be able to find some that work with your house. Though many people think the opposite, plantation shutters are still one of the most versatile, stylish and functional window treatment options. They come in wide range of styles to cover some or all of your window. Shutters are also available in various frame styles and hundreds of colors, materials and finishes to give you the exact look you want.

But what about matching shutters to your home style? Shutters can work with almost any kind of home, from traditional to contemporary, depending on how many shutter panels you choose to have in each window as well as the slat size, material, color, and tilt rod option you choose. For example, if your home is more traditional, like farmhouse or colonial, you can use narrow shutter panels with small slats and a central tilt rod for a traditional feel that will match your home. You can also go with a more natural or dark wood stain. On the other hand, if your home is contemporary or modern you can use shutters with fewer panels per window and larger slats and these features make the shutters look cleaner and more modern. You can also invest in motorized shutters to make your windows more functional and modern at the same time.

You should also use color to make your shutters suit your style. For example, dark shutters with large slats and minimal panels offer a minimalistic look that will go great with a modern home, but lightly colored shutters in bright whites or creams are more traditional or farmhouse in style. Want to be even more unique? Have fun with your shutter color! This way, you will make sure they’re stylish for you, which is the most important thing. Paint your shutters a vibrant red, green or blue for a bright pop, or choose a deep, satisfying wood stain that makes you happy.motorized shutters

It important to remember that window shutters aren’t just about style. Shutters give you complete control over how much or how little light enters the room, and how much privacy you have during the day and at night. They also give you control over light reduction, insulation, dust and allergen reduction, and ease of cleaning. With these benefits combined with their timeless, easily customized appearances, shutters are very much still in style.

There are lots of window treatment options available, and we are here to help if you want to learn more about motorized shutters. We have years of experience in the shutter industry and would be happy to use our expertise to help you find the best shutters and motorization for your home.


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