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Layering Motorized Shutters and Curtains

motorized shutters

You might already have motorized shutters on your home and want to add some curtains. Or, you might have curtains but want to add other window coverings, like shutters. Other coverings, like shutters, are ideal for privacy, flexible control over light entering the room, and insulation, while curtains offer a soft, stylish, and decorative touch to a space. What can you do? Is it possible to have two kinds of window coverings? Can you have both shutters and curtains?

You can absolutely have both window coverings and curtains. Let’s focus on combining motorized shutters and curtains. Whether you love your shutters but want some curtains or love your curtains and want some shutters, there are a few different ways you can enjoy the style and benefits of both. Curtains are all about style. Not that shutters aren’t stylish, but curtains come in thousands of different lengths, shapes, materials, and prints. Shutters, on the other hand, can help reduce your home’s energy usage, and therefore your energy bills, but acting as a barrier to the temperature outside. They also act as noise barriers to muffle the loud sounds of the outdoors and block unwanted light for more restful sleep, easier TV watching, or even a nice daytime nap. Shutters also give you flexibility as, unlike curtains that can either be opened or closed, shutters have both panels and slats that can be adjusted as needed or wanted for light control and privacy.

Why not enjoy both? You can easily combine shutters with curtains. For example, add curtains and shutters to the windows in your bedroom. While shutters can help darken a room a lot, there can sometimes still be a little light that gets through between the shutter panels and the frame. If you want a total blackout effect for sleeping, layer some curtains on top of the shutters to guarantee complete light blockage.

motorized shuttersCurtains and café style shutters go well together. Café shutters only cover the bottom half of a window, so adding valances above the shutters offers additional shade as well as a charming touch. The café shutters give you the privacy and light control while the valance provides the style, as a bare top half of a window would look very strange and unfinished. You can also add curtains to full height shutters. Full height shutters, like plantation shutters, offer insulation, noise reduction, and light blockage that curtains alone can’t provide. But adding curtains as well can give you more style and customization. Take bay windows, for example. It can be hard to find curtains that match the exact curve of a bay window. But you can easily get custom shutters that will fit over your bay windows to give you coverage and privacy, and then add curtains to the side of the bay windows for style. You can also draw the curtains for additional light blockage as needed.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can combine curtains and other kinds of window coverings, like shutters. If you want to learn more about motorized shutters, just reach out to us today!


Protect Your Carpets with Motorization

Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization

Carpets are soft, comfortable, and stylish. However, they can be a pain to take care of, especially when it comes to fading. The sun’s UV rays can cause the colors and patterns on your carpets to fade, but how can you stop it? Use these tips, new window shades or shutters with motorization, to protect your carpets from fading.

The most straightforward way to stop your carpets from fading is to limit the amount of UV rays they’re exposed to. An easy way to do that is to install window shades on your windows. Some shades, like Roman shades, roller shades, or honeycomb shades, can have added UV-blocking liners to better protect your carpets from fading in the sun. These UV-blocking shades do need to be closed completely in order to be able to block the UV light. But pay attention to how the sunlight comes through your windows at different times of the day and even in different seasons. This way, you’ll know exactly when you need to have your shades closed and when you can leave them open. If you choose shades with motorization, you can easily program them to open as close as needed to best protect your home from the sun.

You can also install shutters. Shutters are ideal as they are flexible in the amount of light they let in, while still offering full protection for your carpets at the sunniest times of day. You can leave them open when there’s indirect sunlight or close them all the way to completely block out light. You can also tilt shutters to redirect the light from the sun away from your carpets so you can still have natural light without having to worry about fading.

Hunter Douglas PowerView MotorizationsCarpets can be expensive to replace. Area rugs can be much cheaper, making them a good way to protect carpets from UV rays. Place an area rug over a well-lit or high-traffic area of your carpet to keep it safe from fading. You can rotate the rug every few months to even out how much its fades and wears in the sunlight or rotate out a few different rugs to keep them fresh. You can also replace the rug once it starts to get worn or faded. Keeping your carpets clean can also help minimize fading so they can stay bright and colorful. The products you use on a daily basis, from body lotion, sunscreen, and soap to cleaning sprays and wipes, can build up on your carpets and cause them to fade. Not to mention the dirt, mud and grime that can get tracked inside on shoes! Cleaning your carpets can help reduce this buildup and protect their color to stop fading. Regularly vacuum your carpets and professionally clean them annually to keep them looking fresh and bright.

If you’re looking for the right kinds of window treatments to help protect your carpets, we are here help. We offer a wide range of window treatments with Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization that can help protect your carpet and will also charmingly match with your home and décor. Call or visit us today to learn more.

Make Your Home More Private

motorized louvered pergolas

It’s perfectly natural to want to keep your home and yard safe from the peering eyes of nosy neighbors or passersby. After all, your home is your own private oasis, and it should stay that way. These tips, from adding new landscaping to installing motorized louvered pergolas to your home, can help make your home more private:

  1. Add Landscaping – The landscaping around your home can be used for more than just decoration. You can easily customize your landscaping to get a bit more privacy. Adding tall or thick trees, bushes or shrubs around your property line or building raised beds around your backyard can easily create a much more private oasis. You can also work with a landscaper to make parts of your yard more private than others, creating little pockets of privacy that can feel like an escape right in the middle of your yard. You can extend your landscaping privacy with water features and fountains as well, as they create ambient noise to further enhance privacy.
  2. Install Motorized Products – Motorized products like louvered pergolas and window treatments are the most traditional way to add more privacy to your home. Shutters allow you to fully or partially shut your windows to customize how much light you want to allow into your home as well as how much or how little you want people to be able to see inside. Just adjust the louvers to angle in sunlight but angle out peering eyes. As a bonus, shutters, blinds, and shades are also very stylish and add lots of classic charm to a home. You can find window coverings in almost any shape, style, and color to match your home décor and style preferences.
  3. motorized louvered pergolasInstall a Fence – A fence will help ensure you and your loved ones can spend time in your yard without having to worry about unwanted attention. Plus, a fence can help protect your yard, home and loved ones from intruders. If you want maximum privacy and security, install a solid, wall-like fence made from wood, vinyl or even stone. Cast iron, picket, or lattice fences are less private but still offer some security.
  4. Tint Your Windows – Windows aren’t just one-way. If you have a clear view of the street or sidewalk from your window, that means other people have a clear view inside your home, too. You can avoid this issue by tinting your windows. Tinted windows still allow bright sunlight into your home, but they prevent unwanted eyes from seeing in. Tinted windows can also add style and flair to your home. You can choose tints or window decals with fun patterns or go for a more classic tint.

These are just a few of the many ways you can make your home more private. You can reach out to us if you have any questions about home privacy or motorized louvered pergolas and other motorized products. Call or visit us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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