Bedroom Motorized shades

motorized shades

Don’t lose sleep over what kind of motorized shades to use in your bedrooms. For starters, shades are already a great candidate for bedroom window coverings. But also, the many different kinds of shades offer plenty of variations that allow you to find bedroom window treatments. Here are just a few of the many, many reasons why motorized shades are a great choice for you and your bedroom:

  • Privacy – Privacy is key when it comes to your bedroom. Some window treatments, like curtains, don’t offer as much privacy as you would want. This is especially true for bedrooms that are on the first floor or have windows that face the street or an alley. Shades provide ideal bedroom privacy as you can partially open them to let in light while still maintaining privacy. You can get shades with different opacities to personalize your privacy even more.
  • Simple Style – Shades come in a wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to easily find the perfect ones to complement and match your bedroom décor. Check out different colors and materials to find the exact look you want. Various stains and wood grains look good with different room colors and styles. The same goes for colored faux wood shades. You can also order color samples to get a better idea of your options before you commit.
  • Insulation – Shads also offer extra insulation that can reduce noise pollution from outside your bedroom to help you sleep soundly and can help keep your room at an ideal temperature for your comfort.
  • motorized shadesLight Blockage – Light blockage is very important for bedroom shades as harsh morning light can disrupt your sleep. Look for shades that close flat in the upward direction to maximize light blockage. Most shades are not complete blackout shades, but they will keep the room dark enough to keep you comfortable while sleeping. You can also look for shades made with a light block piece that reduces the amount of light the enters between the frame and panels, or those that have overlapping panels to again minimize light. Additionally, you can get full height shades, as café style shutters leave the upper part of the window open for light to come in.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Cleaning your room might not be as bad as it once was, but it’s still not fun. Shades are super easy to clean, taking away one step from your bedroom cleaning routine. Just wipe the shades down with a cloth or duster and you’re good to go.

Shades make ideal window treatments for bedrooms for these reasons and many more. What are you waiting for? Want to learn more about shades or how to dress your bedroom windows? All you have to do is get in touch with McNeill Palm. We offer a range of motorized shade services, so please pay us a visit, or give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you and your motorized shades for your bedroom.

Decorating with Motorized shutters

motorized shutters

Shutters add tons of function, energy efficiency, style, and privacy to any home. This is especially true of motorized shutters. If you’re adding motorized shutters to your home, you’re making an excellent choice. However, motorized shutters do require a deft hand when it comes to decorating.

How do you decorate around motorized shutters? These simple to follow dos and don’ts will help you make sure your shutters look stylish and chic in your home. For starters, most shutters, like plantation shutters, look good when paired with curtains. However, sometimes curtains can prevent the shutters from opening properly if they open into the room. That’s why you need to choose curtains to pair with shutters carefully. Hanging panels that are positioned along either side of the windows allow you to fully operate your shutters and still add style and decoration. You can also choose curtains that tie back away from the windows when not in use for more ease of operation.

You don’t need curtains if you don’t want them. In fact, shutters often look very stylish and complete without additional window treatments like curtains. Having just the shutters gives the space a simpler, streamlined look that adds plenty of sophistication and function. Plantation shutters especially look good all on their own without the addition of a curtain, valence or shade.

Shutters require a certain amount of space to open fully. This “shutter opening area” should remain clear and free of other decoration or window treatments in order to make sure your shutter can function properly. This also means you should keep the area clear of furniture, houseplants, paintings or photographs, light fixtures, or any other kind of décor that could get in the way of the shutter when it is opened.

Don’t forget about curtains or other window treatments, too. However, if your room is set up in such a way that you will have a piece of furniture or décor in front of a shutter, don’t panic. Shutters are designed to operate with just their slats and not their doors if necessary, so you can still get a good deal of use out of a shutter even if the opening area is partially blocked. You can still get light and air control by moving the shutter slats.

Many homes also have shutters on doors, like patio or back doors. Keep your decoration streamlined and simple by putting the same window treatment on all doors and windows that have shutters. This will make your home décor more cohesive and stylish and will save you the headache of trying to find complimenting window treatments.

motorized shutters

It’s easy to put additional decoration on or around your shutters if you keep these tips in mind. McNeill Palm is an expert service and can offer you much more advice on motorized shutters. Please feel free to stop by and visit us or give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you and the motorized shutters around your home.

Going Green in Your Home


When it comes to going green, it’s a good idea to start with yourself and your home. Use these tips, from replacing lightbulbs to installing window treatments with motorization on your home to go green:

  1. Install Window Treatments with Motorization – Homeowners spend a lot of money insulting their homes to keep them at comfortable temperatures in the winter and summer months alike, but many forget that windows can do a lot of damage when it comes to insulation. Keep your home more comfortable, your energy bill down, and your carbon footprint small by installing motorized window treatments. For example, Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization offers excellent solutions.
  2. Stock Up on Power Strips – Power strips are not only convenient for plugging in multiple items and protecting electronics from power surges. They can also help limit energy leakage through your outlets to prevent unneeded energy use
  3. Replace Your Lightbulbs – Incandescent lightbulbs are bad for the environment and your bank account. An incandescent bulb costs around $8 per year, while a fluorescent bulb only costs $1.
  4. Adjust Your Thermostat – Heating and air conditioning make up a little more than half of the average home’s energy usage. Lower your energy usage by adjusting your thermostat up or down a few degrees, depending on the season. This will cut down on your spending and help the planet.
  5. Replace Siding – Just like old windows, old siding can reduce your home’s insulation and therefore its energy efficiency. Invest in new siding to reduce your temperature losses.
  6. motorizationPrevent False Temperature Readings – A lot of electronics and household appliances give off heat. If one of these items is near your thermostat, it can cause the thermostat to read the home hotter than it actually is and run your AC more than it needs. Try and keep your thermostat away from heat-producing appliances.
  7. Stock Your Fridge – The more food is in your fridge the less hot air can get inside when you open the door. Continually cooling large amounts of warm air that enters your fridge costs both you and the planet. Keep it stocked to prevent hot air getting in.
  8. Recycle – Recycling may seem trivial, but it’s actually very important for keeping your home green. Try putting a second or even third bin next to your garbage to make it easy to separate items as you discard them.
  9. Shade your HVAC – Direct sunlight can overheat your HVAC unit, making it use even more energy to cool itself and your home. Shade your HVAC unit with a fence, tree, or a special HVAC shade for sun protection.

It’s not as hard as it may seem to make sure your home is energy efficient and green. McNeill Palm can help you choose the best window treatments with motorization to help make your home greener. We have years of experience we would love to put at your disposal. Please stop by and visit us or give us a call today for more information on our expert services and what we can do for you.

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