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Using Window Shades with Technology

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Window shades in Alys Beach, FL are one of the most versatile types of window coverings that you can have installed in your home. Because window shades come in many different styles and are made out of many different types of materials, you could actually have a unique type of window shade in each room of your home.

However, too often, even with a great window treatment like window shades, we don’t utilize them to make our homes more energy efficient, more light-filled, more private, and more safe, because we kind of forget that they are there. So, we don’t open and close them in ways that benefit us and our homes.

However, by using window shades with technology, we can maximize all the functionality that window shades give us by simply programming them to do certain things at certain times. You can use a smartphone app to control just your automated window shades, or you can integrate their function into the other smart technology you may have installed in your home.

So, what are the advantages of using window shades with technology?

One advantage is that it’s easy to control your window shades when you want and from where you want. If you have a smartphone, you can decide when to open and close your window shades.

Not only does this let you control the amount of light coming into your home throughout the day, but it also lets you control the privacy and security of your home.

If your family is like most families, everybody is usually gone during the day. Potential burglars often case a house they intend to rob to determine what the pattern of coming and going is so that they can pick the most opportune time to break in.

They often use window coverings to determine whether anyone is in the house or not. If they don’t see the window coverings open or close for several days, they are pretty safe in assuming no one is home.

However, when you use your home’s window shades with technology, you can remotely open and close the window shades at regular intervals throughout the day, which will give the appearance that somebody is home. This is an excellent theft deterrent.

Using window shades with technology is also convenient for you and your family. You can set a schedule for all your window shades to be raised and lowered. You can have multiple schedules for your windows shades to open and close, so that you can, for instance, sleep in a little on the weekends by having them open a little later in the morning than you have them open during the week.

Using window shades with technology can also be a way to make sure your house is as energy efficient as possible. You can coordinate opening and closing times with the times of day during the summer and when energy use is likely to be highest because they are open (summer) or closed (winter).

To use your window shades with technology, you’ll need to have a smart home wireless hub installed in your home. Then you can connect your smart window shades, along with your other smart devices, to it. What this allows you to do is to coordinate the operation of your window shades with other smart functions, such as lighting control.

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Using window shades with technology makes good sense for any home because it gives you complete control, no matter where you are and no matter what time it is, over how your window shades function.

If you’d like to learn more about window shades in Alys Beach, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm.