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Avoid Low-Quality Window Shades

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You’ve decided to buy new window shades in Miramar Beach, FL and have them installed in your home. As you visit different retailers to find the best window shades for each room in your home, you may be surprised at how drastic the price differences are among them.

We’re often tempted to believe the lowest price is what should drive all our purchases, but when you’re buying new window shades, you need to think about quality – and service – instead of price.

Replacing the window shades in your home is an investment. As with any investment, three things matter most: quality, durability, and service. If the window shades you are looking at are lacking in any of these areas, then you will be wasting your hard-earned money.

You can pick up window shades at more places (online and retail) than you can imagine. They may cost less than the window shades at a company that specializes in window coverings. But consider how they differ from window shades sold by a company that specializes in all aspects of window treatments.

You get what you pay for. Window shades that you purchase from an online store or a big-box retailer will not have the same quality as window shades that you purchase from a window coverings company.

Companies that specialize in window treatments work directly with manufacturers to ensure that they have the best quality window shades that are on the market. Quality window coverings manufacturing is a highly-competitive industry.

These manufacturers, therefore, have a very high standard of quality because companies that specialize in window coverings will replace them with one of their competitors if they make inferior products.

So, even though window shades at a window treatments company cost more, you can be assured that they are of the highest quality.

Durability is another factor you need to consider when you are investing in window shades. Many of the less expensive window shades that you can purchase at online stores or big-box retailers are not durable.

That means these window shades are more prone to damage, will wear out quickly, and will need to be replaced more frequently.

Window shades that you purchase from a window coverings company are manufactured to be durable. They are made from strong materials that will stand the test of time. You will find that they don’t get damaged easily, they will hold up well for years, and you may go a decade or more before they need to be replaced.

The final factor you need to consider when you’re investing in window shades is service. When you purchase window shades at an online store or a big-box retailer, your relationship with them will most likely end when you check out.

That means you will have to install your new windows throughout your home by yourself. If you have never installed window shades before or you have any problems while you’re installing the window shades or after you’ve installed them, you’re on your own.

Some big-box retailers may offer installation for your window shades, but the installers are not specifically trained by the manufacturer to install window shades. Instead, they are usually contractors who have general knowledge about household repairs.

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When your window shades are installed by a company that specializes in window treatments, you get service before you buy, during installation, and after installation. The people who do your window shades installation are professionally trained by the manufacturer and they are experienced in every aspect of installation.

If you’d like to learn more about window shades in Miramar Beach, FL, you can speak with our experienced staff at McNeill Palm.