Types of Interior and Exterior Window Shutters

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There are many kinds of window shutters in Panama City Beach, FL that you can have installed on the inside and outside of your home. Window shutters have two functions. Window shutters are designed to provide protection and privacy first and foremost. But their second function, and the one that you see most often with exterior window shutters, is for adornment around windows.

This makes sense when you think that the origin of window shutters was that they were the precursor to windows and provided some protection from the outside elements, such as wind, rain, and snow.

Interior window shutters are designed to give you privacy. They come in many lengths and styles, so that you’re sure to find a window shutter that fits in beautifully with the décor of your home.

Exterior window shutters, with the exception of a few types, such as hurricane (also known as Bahama) window shutters, are designed to decorate the outside of your windows.

Most window shutters have a similar design. However, the panels of the window shutters come in many different styles. The two main types of panels in window shutters are louvered (slats that may be stationary, such as those on exterior window shutters, or may be moved, such as those on interior window shutters) or are a solid surface.

When you’re choosing louvered interior or exterior window shutters, you have options for what size you want the louvers to be. The typical louver sizes are between 1 ¼ inches and 4 ½ inches, but you can also have custom-sized louvers manufactured for your window shutters.

There are other types of exterior window shutters as well. One style that is popular is raised panel window shutters. These window shutters don’t have louvers. Instead, they are made of two solid panels that sit in a frame, and they give the appearance of being perfectly-aligned, identically-sized rectangular boxes.

One of the most popular interior window shutters is plantation window shutters. These are traditionally made of two full-height panels with wide louvers that are installed so that they cover the entire window.

Plantation window shutters are a great option for interior window shutters because they complement almost any decorating style and because they provide many options for privacy, light filtering, and ventilation.

The panels of plantation window shutters can be opened to allow the maximum amount of natural light into a room. If it’s a particularly sunny or hot part of the day, the panels of the plantation window shutters can be closed, but the wide louvers can be adjusted to allow natural light in without the full intensity of the sun, which can be blinding or make a room much warmer.

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The wide louvers of plantation window shutters also give you many options for ventilation on nice days, when the weather’s just right and soft breezes are blowing to keep things very comfortable outside.

You can take advantage of days like these to let fresh air flow through your house both to air it out and to fill the house with the gentle aromas of the flowers and trees in bloom outside. Using the louvers on your plantation window blinds, you can tilt them completely open for maximum ventilation or you can adjust them up or down to customize ventilation.

Tier on tier window shutters are another popular interior window shutter. The advantage of tier on tier window shutters is that because one set of panels is installed on the bottom half of the window and the other set of panels is installed on the top part of the window, you have many options for privacy and light control.

If you’d like learn more about window shutters in Panama City Beach, FL, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm.

How to Fix Stuck Blinds

If you have a window and your blinds are no longer sliding up and down, this blog post is for you! Every homeowner has dealt with a window that just won’t close all the way or a stubborn roller shade that refuses to roll up. Fixing stuck blinds can be a tedious job, but it’s not impossible. There are many different methods you can try to get the blinds unstuck and back on track. Luckily, we’re here to give you some tips on how to fix that problem yourself with common household items.

How To Fix Stuck Blinds

What Are the Signs That Your Blinds Are Stuck?

Are you noticing that your blinds don’t seem to be moving, or they go up in a jerky motion? If so then it’s possible that something is stuck and there are some simple steps we can take.  When your blinds are stuck, the top of them might shake and make a sound. You could also notice that there is an uneven gap between each side window when you look at it from outside or inside. If one end of your motorized blinds seem to be tighter than the other, then this may indicate that they’re stuck in place. 

Review the directions for operating your window coverings. It could just be an issue with set-up! Next check each individual panel of drapery by pulling on them and make sure nothing catches. If not, use a lint roller to remove any debris from fabric before attempting again. Sometimes invisible pieces of dirt like pet hair get between panels which cause friction when pulled as well as result in sticking problems later down the line because clothing fibers adhere better than dust.

Why Do My Window Blinds Get Stuck in the First Place?

The truth is that the window blinds get stuck because of all the dust, dirt and debris it accumulates over time. The longer your windows stay open without any protection against UV rays or other weather conditions, then the material starts to disintegrate gradually until they can no longer function properly as a barrier between you and the outside world.

How To Fix Stuck Window Blinds

Fixing a Stuck Window Blind

It’s a pain when your window blind gets stuck. If you’re lucky, it may just be that the cord is tangled in something and all you need to do is untangle them with some patience before rehanging the slats. But if not, there are other things to try like spraying WD-40 on each blade from one end of the track until they free up or using an ice pack wrapped around both sides near where they meet at top center (this should help shrink any swelling). 

Lubricating your window blinds are essential for their longevity. Over time, they will need more frequent maintenance, including cleaning them thoroughly to avoid uneven wear and tear caused by friction between moving pieces within brackets at joints where two sections join together. Cleaning also ensures that residual debris doesn’t form a barrier against fresh grease applied during subsequent reapplication of this substance every few months.

Preventing and Fixing Future Problems With Your Windows Blinds

If you notice a problem with your window blinds, don’t wait until it’s too late to fix the issue. This section will walk through all of the ways that you can keep your windows looking their best and functioning properly for years to come.

  • Regular Cleaning – You’ll discover that your blinds are dust catchers, and all it takes is a breeze from a window to disperse that dust throughout your home. It’s never a good look to have dirt and sticky residue on your blinds.
  • Monthly Lubricating – By regularly lubricating every month, it will improve the functionality of your window blinds. Blinds are composed of multiple joints that enable the blinds to freely move in different directions. When you take care of the joints by lubricating, most likely you won’t have any problem with your blinds in the future.

At the end of the day, if you are not sure how to fix your window blinds it is best to contact a professional like McNeill Palm, we offer residential and commercial window covering installations in Shalimar, FL and surrounding areas. Call us for all your window treatment needs at (850) 613-6228.

When You Need a Durable Window Covering

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Some windows in your home will need a more durable window covering from Panama City Beach, FL. Some window coverings in your home will be exposed to more wear and tear than other window coverings. If you have children or pets, then you’ll want more durable window coverings.

In rooms where window coverings are used frequently, durable window coverings are a must. So, what kind of window coverings hold up better with frequent use?

Faux wood blinds are one of the more durable window coverings you can choose for rooms where the window coverings are used frequently. Faux wood blinds are manufactured using composite materials that make them more durable. They give the timeless look and feel of wood, but they do not require the maintenance or the more frequent replacement that wood blinds require.

Because wood is living, it absorbs moisture. This can cause wood blinds to warp because they expand and contract based on their moisture content. This can cause problems opening and closing them and will damage them over time. Additionally, because wood holds moisture, it can lead to grow of mold and mildew, which can affect the health of your family.

Faux wood blinds eliminate all these concerns and give you a durable window covering that looks like wood, but performs like a champion over time.

Faux wood shutters are another great choice for a durable window covering. Like faux wood blinds, they are moisture-resistant, so they won’t contract or expand and they won’t allow the growth of mildew or mold.

Faux wood shutters come in many styles, including tier on tier shutters, full-height shutters, plantation shutters, and café shutters. With so many styles to choose from, you can find a durable window covering for every room inside your home.

Aluminum blinds are another great choice for a durable window covering. High-quality aluminum blinds are manufactured using heavy-duty materials so that they withstand wear and tear with constant use.

Aluminum blinds are also resistant to fading from sun exposure and they withstand damage to their internal mechanisms, which ensures that you’ll be able to smoothly open and close them for many years.

Faux wood vertical blinds, which are manufactured using PVC, a high-quality and durable synthetic material, are an excellent choice for a durable window covering for large windows or sliding glass doors.

Faux wood vertical blinds are designed to provide long-term problem-free operation. Because faux wood vertical blinds are an unexpected window covering for large windows, they also provide a unique and interesting decoration accent for rooms with large windows.

Another durable type of window covering that you can use outside are solar shades. Solar shades can be used on porches and patios to create a cool, shady place where your family and friends can gather in comfort while enjoying the view in your front or back yard.

durable window covering

Solar shades are manufactured specifically for outdoor use, so they are highly resistant to constant exposure to cold, heat, sun, rain, and wind, making them a very durable window covering. Solar shades can also help reduce exposure to pollen and other outside allergens.

A final type of durable window covering is blackout cellular shades. Made of a honeycomb design that traps air so that cold or hot air can’t permeate the interior of your home, keeping your home’s temperature comfortable all year round, blackout cellular shades also add the benefit of blocking light from entering rooms.

Blackout cellular shades are a perfect durable window covering for bedrooms, offices, and media rooms.

If you’d like learn more about a durable window covering in Panama City Beach, FL, you can talk with our knowledgeable team at McNeill Palm.

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