Hunter Douglas

When It’s Time to Sell Your Home

window shutters

Think about window shutters in Santa Rosa Beach, FL as part of getting your home ready to be put on the market to sell. When you are in the process of sprucing up your home to sell it, there are many things that you can do to make it more attractive to prospective buyers and to increase its value so that you can get your asking price.

One thing that real estate agents drill into people who are selling their homes is that the home needs to be staged in such a way that potential buyers walk in and can imagine themselves living in the homes.

The first thing you’ll want to do to prepare your home to be sold is to give it a thorough, top to bottom cleaning. That means every nook and cranny of your home needs to be cleaned. As you go through this intensive cleaning process, you will see the areas of your home where updates, upgrades, or new items need to be added.

For instance, if you’ve lived in your home for any length of time, you will probably find that the walls and flooring have experienced a lot of wear and tear. Carpet that is tattered or stained will detract from the overall appearance of your home. Tiled floors that have a lot of chips and cracks and/or dingy grout will give potential buyers a negative impression. Wood floors that are scratched and scraped will not be attracted.

Consider replacing carpet with stains that even professional cleaning doesn’t remove or that is torn or frayed. If the carpet was installed on top of wood flooring, consider reverting to the wood flooring and having it professionally restored. The most economical route to replace chipped or cracked tiles is to have it removed and replaced with a laminate flooring. You can also cover your wood floors with laminate flooring or have them professionally restored.

Most of the time, walls simply need a fresh coat of paint to spruce them up. Be sure to have the walls prepped properly so that holes and other blemishes are corrected before painting them. Add a coat of bright white paint to the ceilings in each room to enhance light filtration and to give rooms an open and airy feel.

Another key to preparing your home for sale is to clean up clutter. Remove as many personal items from rooms as possible and make sure that rooms don’t look like you and your family are a step away from being on a reality show about hoarding.

Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinets clear of appliances, mail, and knickknacks. Make sure the stovetop is clear and clean. Remove magnets, pictures, and calendars from the refrigerator. Clean off the dining room and kitchen tables. Make sure you put some nice place settings down and a fresh flower arrangement in the middle of each table.

A final step in preparing your home for sale is to replace your window treatments. You probably haven’t thought about what’s on your windows since you moved into your home. But window coverings are a big selling point with potential buyers so what’s installed on your windows is very important.

Window shutters are a great upgrade for your home’s windows. They work well in all rooms and they give a lot of control over light filtration and ventilation throughout your home. Window shutters come in many types of materials and colors so you can get a customized look in each room, whether you’re looking for window shutters that complement a room’s theme or provide an interesting contrast.

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