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Window Shades for a Contemporary Look

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Contemporary window shades in Panama City Beach, FL are a good way to upgrade the look, style, and feel of your home. If you’ve lived in your home for several years, you may find yourself getting bored with the style and décor you originally used throughout your home.

If it’s time to update and refresh the interior of your home, the contemporary style is an excellent choice. The contemporary style is a modern décor that is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials. It is a style that can transform your home with its elegance and simplicity.

Although the terms contemporary and modern are often used interchangeably, these two styles, while having some things in common (both are considered to be minimalist styles), they are distinct in that modern refers to a style that can be directly tied to a specific time or a specific era, while contemporary refers to a style that is strictly tied to how something looks. Because of this, contemporary styles are fluid, evolving and changing over time.

All the elements in your home work together to create the style of your décor. That means that furniture, lighting, flooring, wall colors, and window shades are integrated to create a contemporary style in your home.

So, what kind of window shades work best in a contemporary style?

First, you need to consider the color of the window shades. Since the contemporary style consists of neutral colors, then you’ll want to consider window shades that are shades of white, shades of gray, or light beiges or tans in most cases.

However, one aesthetic that you should consider before you choose your window shades is that a whole palette of similar colors creates a bland, and, therefore, somewhat boring effect. Additionally, when all the colors are the same or similar, it can be hard to find the clean lines that are one of the characteristics of the contemporary style.

Therefore, try to make sure that some of the elements – and window shades are a good one to use – provide enough contrast to keep things interesting and to create nice, clean lines that give distinct definition to your rooms.

So, for example, if you use a bright white paint for your ceiling color and an eggshell or beige color for your walls, then you could create contrast within the contemporary style by choosing a tan color that is slightly darker than the wall color.

There are many styles of window shades that fit well into the contemporary décor. Woven wood window shades are a popular choice because they are made of natural materials and they offer clean lines. An additional reason for the popularity of woven wood window shades in the contemporary style is that they are made of sustainable materials and woods, so they are friendly to the environment.

Another popular style of window shades to use with the contemporary style is roller shades. Roller shades are nice because they are unobtrusive when they are rolled up all the way to the top of the window, allowing the maximum amount of natural light in, which highlights the other contemporary style elements in the room.

Roller window shades are available in fabrics that range from sheer to heavy in weight, and in many different colors and prints, letting you create a dramatic effect that still fits within the overall contemporary style of the room.

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